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I think this is the first work I did for Anime Insider back in the day.
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Shaggy needs to use 1% of his power to defeat the monsters.

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I'd watch this.
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I never thought I would see this image in quite some time.
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I think I remember this one.

Was this part of "If it was Anime"?
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It was. I still have the magazine that featured this picture.
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Out of curiosity would you be able to remind us of the proposed 'If it was Anime' premise presented in the article?

If not, then that's cool too.
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Here it is, if it is okay with :iconDhutchinson:

Title: Tsukuubi Du, Where Are You?

Synopsis: "Ancient demons and evil legends stalk the fog-enshrouded mountains of Japan, and only the secret organization Mystery, Inc. knows why! High school student Fureddo Takahashi's hand-held Mystery Machine device is a fount of information, able to identify ghoulies and reveal their weaknesses, but the terror of the situation is usually enough to freak out his classmates: leggy Dafuni, bookish Beruma, stylin' Shaggi and his life-long friend and talking dog, Tsukuubi Du. But where did Fureddo get his Mystery Machine, and what is his plan? Does it have something to do with the ultimate destiny of Tsukuubi Du himself? Oh Tsukubbi Du, where are you?"

I hope that helps.
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I would love to see a Scooby doo Anime
I love it!
Is Daphne's clothes based on anything?
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No, but I recall seeing that kind of coat a few times in some anime, as well as in some photos from Japan.
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But Scooby needs an anime! I don't know which is the bigger crime; that it doesn't have one, or that it's gone this long without one.
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anime made Creepypasta bad now Scooby doo
you make sick 
what next
King Quest ? 
Fuck You - Free to use 
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10 Month shitposter who has barely produced lineart images...
11 Year member who is a successful and published digital artist...

This is the single most lopsided comment chain I have ever seen in the history of the internet...
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Are these monsters based on the monster of the first series?
The samurai reminds me of the black knight, the captain reminds of the ghost of red beard, the two ghosts in the center reminds the phantom of vasquez castle and the Phantom Shadows.
The other ones I don't recognize...
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Not really, I sort of went with the first things that came to mind! I'm glad that they managed to coincide with ideas from the series, though!
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I will try to relate the other ones...
the Zeiram thing could be the Ghost of Zen Tuo (just because the weird mask)
The first Scooby-doo didn't have any tentacle monster... he will just be the Wax Phantom for the jelly body...
and the last one will be the most famous Captain Cutler :)
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Amazing. Pure epicness :wow:
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Scooby Doo: Mystery Incorporated is the best show for me and this ANIME styled i LIKE IT!
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Love the style!
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WB... Someday... make this possible.

The reason I'm saying that is that it would make a crap ton of moola with this type off animation...
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why isn't this on cartoon network yet? oh yeah, that's right, we need space for Clarence, teen titans go, uncle grandpa, and johnny test, especially johnny test
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I'd watch this for sure! xD 
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