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Real life

Hmm... I'm really bad at writing dA journals, ain't I? I kinda forgot (*facepalm*) to let you all know that I graduated. :XD: 3 weeks ago. Uhm. I have Master's degree in Computer Science, Web Technologies. :D

So now I'm not a student anymore and I have no idea what to do next :ohnoes:

I was planning an optical surgery, but during medical examination this weekend it turned out that it's going to be complicated :/ I don't really want to meddle when success ratio is not as high as it should be... So maybe I'll try less invasive methods for now.

Obviously I don't have a job :P Gotta find something soon, now that I sort of know that the surgery is scratched off... though it also depends on the results I'll get in a month _-_ and I'm stuck again. It's scary. >_>

To top it, I'm down with a cold. Or something.

Devil May Cry

Did you hear that NT is hinting that their abysmal flop DmC is a real prequel to DMC? Yeah right. These guys really hate Devil May Cry. Now they not only want to destroy the future of the franchise, they want to kill existing storyline too. :chainsaw: It's literally the worst thing Capcom/NT can do. Worse than complete reboot. F U.

Btw. I watched Enslaved playthrough - I wanted to see their "superior storytelling". Uhh... Was that supposed to be great? Enslaved story is nothing special. Their storytelling is good, but wouldn't work for a Devil May Cry game. The story itself is straightforward, with some totally cliche elements, and the ending is lifted straight from a certain 1999 movie. The only impressive things from what I've seen are voice acting and facial expressions.
On the other hand, Enslaved sucks from technical side. I've heard a person say it looks like it wasn't even tested - I didn't believe it at first, but it's really that bad. Screen tearing (PS3), texture pop-in, skipping frames. NT must have no pride as developers to release so badly coded thing! I mean, our university lecturers were turning our programming assignments down for such obvious performance issues...

Now I have no hope for this game even as a standalone. It's gonna suck 99% (the 1% is voice acting :P). A complete f*cking disaster.

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5 min read
So... Anyone knows of a Devil May Cry group / club that accepts only original series fan art and none of the stuff for that steaming pile of turd that Capcom/NT is trying to sell as new DMC game? I can't use regular search anymore without Bob popping up in the results. (Well, I could search for Nero, but. You know. Not giving up Dante yet.)

I almost failed to post this entry btw. It took me half a minute to figure out where "Submit journal" action went. Meanwhile, I noticed that last few of my journal entries dealt with varying degrees of fail somewhere. Don't I ever post good news? I almost feel bad for badmouthing deviantART regarding broken quick thumbs in Opera. I mean, it can hardly be considered in the same league as the insanely epic fail of gargantuan proportions aka DmC reboot. (And no, it's not about Dante's hair color.)

As for my absence from deviantART... I'm largely absent from Internet in general. Still working on my MA thesis. Not that there is much commotion here... Looks like most persons on my dA friends list (not acquaintances) don't post much either. Anyway, I would need at least vacations and at most a health check before I come back. It's been more than a month since I last slept for more than 5-6 hours per day and ate more than one real meal. It's kinda funny that I never feel hungry anymore and I'm full after one toast sandwich. Plus I have been living pretty much solely off DMC rage during last week.

Either way, my thesis is the most important thing right now. I'm deeply sorry for vanishing from the face of the Earth, but it couldn't be helped. Either I fail at time management, or I simply have too much to do. I still plan on coming back though, at least!

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5 min read
Dear dA,

I greatly appreciate the fact that you made it even harder to read deviation title and author's notes and check deviation category. This it totally following your initial idea of reducing the importance of these elements, via moving them under the actual deviation (and collapsing a/n), so that we viewers have no idea what the artwork is called unless we take the effort to scroll down and check ourselves. Of course, who cares about what author has to say? I completely understand that you don't want us to read their commentary, which is likely to contain their thoughts and insights on creation processes and key clues to interpretation of their art - things totally unrelated to what we do on this site and hindering our browsing experience. I appreciate that you took the pain to develop an interface that would hide them below thumbnails of other artwork available, which is a great solution to get rid of these pesky elements.

I would also like to express my condolences to Mozilla Firefox users, who have to put up with broken version of the interface, which does worse job at cluttering the visible space and doesn't cover author's notes at all:

Thank you in the name of all grateful users of Opera Software.

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6 min read

I was tagged by CearaFinn ;) The tag is to post a journal revealing 10 things about myself that you probably didn't already know. Or something like that. You know the meme, it's been circulating around dA for ages.

1. Sometimes I read books I don't like only to see what all the hype is about. I treat them as parodies and laugh my ass off.
2. I read fantasy but I don't play rpg. I don't like rpg.
3. There was a period in my life when I wore a pendant 24/7, taking it off only to shower.
4. I'm very superstitious when it comes to certain things. I specifically don't like number 13, to the point where I'll refuse to i.e. make an important call if the clock shows xx.13.
5. I sleep without pillow. The pillow must be on the bed, but I don't keep my head on it.
6. My eyes are almost black. I feel weird when I see my own irises (i.e. when the light is very bright and I peer into the mirror).
7. Speaking of mirrors, I avoid them when the room is dark. I had this weird theory that there's something behind the mirrors and it can jump out when you're not careful. I even half-wrote a horror story about it. ;P
8. My first (mascot) cat was as big as I was. I still have him. Everybody thinks he's as creepy as hell. I used to sleep with him every night.
9. I hate pigeons and I squirt them with water whenever I see them on my balcony (or my neighbor's). I've become almost ambidextrous with water guns.
10. CearaFinn tagged me a month ago - it took me a month to come up with this list. I have extreme problems with talking about myself. ;)

That's it, and please don't tag me with this in the future ;) I've got a formspring account, so if you have any questions, just ask. :) I retain the right not to answer dodgy questions though. :D

:iconnerahye: :iconkirstenlane: :iconradiuszero: :iconnanamo: :iconblastermind:
:iconwolfenchanter: :iconeafiu: :iconchochlik: :iconmithgariel: :iconbehana:

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8 min read
new version 7

Everybody seems to hate it already. I have to admit I have mixed feelings about the new layout. :o When I logged in today and saw the change, I liked it.
:bulletgreen: moar space! Seriously, when v6 appeared, I thought it was incredibly messy and cluttered.
:bulletgreen: less visual noise - v6 had freaking ton of gradients and decorative elements and it looked like art itself, stealing the spotlight from the actual deviations. Now it serves much better as a background.

Unfortunately, after a couple of minutes, I noticed... the functionality has... actually dropped?!
:bulletred: custom menu in top bar is gone. I used it a lot. T_T I had a moment of panic when I couldn't find Daily Deviations. Thankfully the link is included under deviantART logo, but there were many more options in the customizable menu that I now have no idea how to access. The new dA-hover menu is customizable. One good thing.
:bulletred: no full view. Have you noticed that full view isn't full view anymore!? It's 100% width of the browser minus the navigation arrows. If you resize your browser, the full view will also resize. Major WTF. If there is no download option, you now have to open the image itself to view it full! OUTRAGEOUS.
:bulletred: speaking of the resizing, the site looks weird on widescreen now. I bet it looks even weirder on larger screens, since it seems to accommodate to browser window. Frankly, it looks like MOBILE site. Okay, cool, iPad is out there watching you sleep, and many many PDA's only wait for an occasion to sink their teeth into dA, but surely there is a way to cater to their needs separately from regular PC's. Like that freaking amputated full view. We can scroll! We can see it in original size, so STOP that DAMN RESIZING.
:bulletred: People complain about author's comment being collapsed. I guess it doesn't expand for them. It does for me as soon as I scroll. However, the so called Super Browse mode feeds me only Super Blurry images that never load in high quality. The new version is as buggy as per dA standard.
:bulletred: no search. Search is switched off on all pages except Gallery and Journals. It's off even on deviations pages and favs!
:bulletred: dropdowns everywhere! Now we have to hover over countless things to access stuff that was displayed plainly on top bar. Like the messages. I check group messages 5 times more often than personal messages, and now I can't get there easily. Annoying!
:bulletred: more minor issues that aren't important because I'll probably get used to them over time.

However, there is one thing I strongly dislike about the new version: browsing deviations feels like a slideshow. Author's name and comment is pushed down the page. There is no indication above the image what its title is and who created it.
It's... just plain bad. It makes me feel as if I am using a Mac: no sense of orientation where I am and where I can go. I hate that Macs don't display folder paths so I can't orient myself in regard to root. And I hate that now on dA I can't orient myself in regard to person's gallery. :( The new deviation page seems to trap the user and doesn't allow them to escape: no profile/gallery links in the viewport, no search (!), nothing but the image and top bar.

Oh by the way, the new version lags horribly in Firefox. I opened Fox to check out a couple of things that seemed to be broken in Opera. Opera loads everything batshit fast, so I was happy with the performance. Well.

short update on my absence

1. I'm working on my Master's Thesis. :) The topic is really fun, I always delve deeper than I should and now there's no way I'll manage to finish in June. :XD:
2. Message center works very... funny ever since Opera 10.5 kicked in. New shiny v7 didn't solve it. The problem is: after deleting something the entire list flashes / scrolls and it's really painful to watch. :dead: It's particularly annoying with deviations and favs. I have to close my eyes every time I delete something, which obviously affects the speed with which I operate the inbox. ._.

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