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Real life

Hmm... I'm really bad at writing dA journals, ain't I? I kinda forgot (*facepalm*) to let you all know that I graduated. :XD: 3 weeks ago. Uhm. I have Master's degree in Computer Science, Web Technologies. :D

So now I'm not a student anymore and I have no idea what to do next :ohnoes:

I was planning an optical surgery, but during medical examination this weekend it turned out that it's going to be complicated :/ I don't really want to meddle when success ratio is not as high as it should be... So maybe I'll try less invasive methods for now.

Obviously I don't have a job :P Gotta find something soon, now that I sort of know that the surgery is scratched off... though it also depends on the results I'll get in a month _-_ and I'm stuck again. It's scary. >_>

To top it, I'm down with a cold. Or something.

Devil May Cry

Did you hear that NT is hinting that their abysmal flop DmC is a real prequel to DMC? Yeah right. These guys really hate Devil May Cry. Now they not only want to destroy the future of the franchise, they want to kill existing storyline too. :chainsaw: It's literally the worst thing Capcom/NT can do. Worse than complete reboot. F U.

Btw. I watched Enslaved playthrough - I wanted to see their "superior storytelling". Uhh... Was that supposed to be great? Enslaved story is nothing special. Their storytelling is good, but wouldn't work for a Devil May Cry game. The story itself is straightforward, with some totally cliche elements, and the ending is lifted straight from a certain 1999 movie. The only impressive things from what I've seen are voice acting and facial expressions.
On the other hand, Enslaved sucks from technical side. I've heard a person say it looks like it wasn't even tested - I didn't believe it at first, but it's really that bad. Screen tearing (PS3), texture pop-in, skipping frames. NT must have no pride as developers to release so badly coded thing! I mean, our university lecturers were turning our programming assignments down for such obvious performance issues...

Now I have no hope for this game even as a standalone. It's gonna suck 99% (the 1% is voice acting :P). A complete f*cking disaster.

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So this is incredibly belated, but congrats on graduating, my dear friend! Hopefully by now, nearly a full year later you have had success in finding employment? It's been a long time since we've chatted dear. Hope you are well!
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Congratulations on the graduation! Silly rabbit, you should've told us. >.< And hey, don't feel too bad about not knowing what to do next. It's pretty normal for someone fresh outta school to take awhile to figure out the next stage in their life. Even then, things happen, options change, and you find yourself pleasantly surprised by the end of it. :meow:
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But I told you. xD Long time ago. xD And I still don't have a real job. I live in one of the biggest cities and can barely find anyone to send my CV to. I'm freelancing a bit, but it sucks and I would just prefer to do team work and be excluded from arguing with clients and whatnot as much as possible. =.= Soon it's gonna be one year since graduation and I feel like a total failure. :/ Bleh.
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Doh! For whatever reason I thought you were still in your master's program. :P

Heh, don't feel like a total failure at all. One year after my own graduation and I just BARELY found a job. At a retail store for part-time. >_> I ain't complaining though. The hours are really flexible and I can still do art. I'm just a bit disappointed that all the jobs out there are either for contract work or require me to be an ace in programming (which I'm totally not, lol). I hate freelance too. There's too much on your plate, from finding work to charging enough money to balancing it with everything else happening in your life. I'd rather work with a team of people who can share the burden.
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EXACTLY. That's exactly how I feel and how the situation looks here. There are ads for contractors (unlimited number of revisions, paid after everything is delivered without any pre-payment - what a bullshit) and no company position for front-end developer (and web designer too, though they are looking for Flash developers... and obviously programmers). I suck at Flash and I suck at programming, but nobody seems to give a f*ck about what I'm good at. :/

Webd community treats freelancing as if it were the best thing in the world, but it totally isn't. Arguing with clients, either pixel pushing or trying to shove some taste and practicality into them, putting up with "even my 12-year-old son can make a website... for free!" attitude, trying to get the money out of them, doing all the paperwork and of course all of the real webd work, from visual design to CMS integration. For f***'s sake. It's so not worth the nerves and ridiculously meager amount of money I'm paid in the end.
Unlike you, I'm not an artist. More of a code monkey, lol. I'd gladly write the code for whatever layout, as long as it's doable, regardless of whether it's completely hideous or dashingly beautiful. Pay me per hour and I'm happy.

My PC is getting too old to keep up with the technology and I can't afford new one, so. I don't really want to get a job outside my field, I love what I do... but it's ridiculous. IT and no money. >__>

*cuddles* Life sucks.
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Indeed, freelancing SUCKS. I love that I work, even if it's at a retail store, because at least I'm putting money into my Social Security. When you freelance, it's all on you. You're expected to get your own damn health insurance, and put money aside for retirement. Worse, you get taxed to death and have to keep ALL receipts to prove to the govt you're legit.

Ugh, your story about clients is very much what I had to deal with after I graduated. Sure, I got a ton of contract/freelance work, but the clients... They were a mixed breed. :P Often times, taking on their commissions was more trouble than it was worth. I also discovered that working for 'legitimate' design firms was worse than working for an average-Joe. Design firms were much needy, paid less, had their own contracts the freelancer had to obide by, and were less inclined to pay before work was started. Additionally, while they would always hassle/email me when a deadline approached, when it came time to getting a reply from them they took FOREVER to get back to me.

That feeling of not giving a fuck what you can do well is exactly what I experience when I step into an office to find a job. They don't care much that I illustrate and graphic design. For people like me, we come a dime in a dozen so they treat me like dirt until they have that last-minute project to complete. >_>

My own PC is getting funky. It's been acting up. With student loans up my ass, I doubt I'll ever earn enough to buy another. :( Life really does suck sometimes.
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Yup, and with normal job all that health insurance sh*t is handled by employer. My whole family is sick now (flu) and I hope I won't get sick too, because I have no insurance. Even if I pay for it, it needs at least 3 months of constant payment to be valid. So as a contractor I would need to secure contracts all year round because every break results in my insurance going invalid for at least 3 months. It's ridiculous and I'm totally fed up with it.
I considered applying for an IT tech/support job, but judging from people's reaction to me in web design ("omg! it's a female!") I don't think it would pay off. :/

I haven't had as bad experience with companies as you, but then, barely any company wanted to talk to me. :/

*hugs* There are loads of people with basic HTML/CSS skills and that's apparently everything companies in my city need. They don't give a damn about optimization, standards, accessibility, etc, things that those "high school" web designers barely have heard of. >.< Damn it.

I'm sorry to hear about your computer :( I wanted to get new laptop one year ago, and I'm still stuck with this one. I love my laptop, but there's no denying it's almost 4 years old. What's even worse, there aren't even any good laptops available now. Everything is either mediocre, or huge and expensive. Nothing in between. _-_

*cuddles* :( :heart:
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Łoo, gratulacje!!! :heart::glomp: A jeśli nie wiesz, co ze sobą zrobić, zastosuj prastarą metodę... rozpoczęcia nowego kierunku! xD

Jako człowiek okularowo-soczewkowy, łączę się w bólu i współczuję! D: Mam nadzieję, że znajdzie się jakieś rozwiązanie (a na razie - próbowałaś z soczewkami? .3.). Domyślam się, jakie to dla Ciebie uciążliwe, zwłaszcza, że kochasz książki i dłubanie w fetyszopie. :hug:

I fajto, fajto z przeziębieniem czy cokolwiek to jest! ;u; :heart: A jak wyzdrowiejesz, to życzę rychłego znalezienia pracy. :3
Dhuaine's avatar
Jeśli już, to podyplomowe xD Ale jakoś nic w Łodzi ciekawego nie ma...

Jeszcze nie >.> Nie miałam czasu poszukać jakiegoś dobrego punktu i sprawdzić... Mam nadzieję, że soczewki wypalą. - -

Oj, przyda się .___.
nanamo's avatar
Zawsze masz okazję wyruszyć w świat :'D

Spróbuj, spróbuj, imo to wygodne rozwiązanie. :3 Trzymam kciuki, żeby wypaliły.^^

I za to też trzymam. :*
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You graduated :woohoo:

You have a cold :ohnoes:

But it is good to hear from you my dear :hug: :heart:

As far as optical surgery goes, I decide against it years ago, life may be a blur much of the time, but at least I can still actually see - and even quite well when I have my special contacts in :D
Dhuaine's avatar
:hug: :aww:

Yeah, I'm also very afraid of messing up :( I'm going to try special contacts, I hope I can wear them >.>
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Ja dopiero w zeszłym tygodni złożyłam pracę, teraz czekam na wyznaczenie terminu obrony. To pewnie trochę potrwa, bo wyznaczają go dopiero, gdy otrzymają pozytywną recenzję.

Powodzenia z operacją oczu - moja przyjaciółka Chomik zrobiła sobie operację, ale była mniej więcej tak samo ślepa na obydwoje oczu. Jaką masz różnicę? Mój tata ma coś koło pięciu dioptrii różnicy, ale mówi, że w ogóle nie patrzy tym okiem z większą wadą, więc mu to nie przeszkadza. Czasem ma problem z przestrzenią i nie potrafi zobaczyć obrazków typu Magiczne Oko, ale ogólnie jakoś z tym żyje.

No i powodzenia z szukaniem pracy :)
Dhuaine's avatar
Powodzenia z obroną :D U nas ten egzamin to była praktycznie formalność.

Nie wiem, czy się na nią zdecyduję, bo nie kwalifikuję się do laserowej, tylko do regularnego cięcia i grzebania z soczewką :(
4 dioptrie różnicy (-6 i -10). Chcę uniknąć dokładnie tego samego problemu :( Boję się prowadzić samochód, bo od pewnej odległości widzę płaską ścianę, zero perspektywy. Przy dużej różnicy słabsze oko się wyłącza, a jak człowiek się starzeje, to wynikają z tego same problemy :/ Ja jestem na etapie widzenia wszystkiego z mechatą obwódką (bo okulary mam -7 na tamto oko, więc nie dają rady).
Andromeda-Mirtle's avatar
O rany... Chomik miała chyba koło 7 w każdym oku, więc po prostu widziała kolorowe plamy. Skąd Ci się taka wada wzięła? Zawsze miałaś taką różnicę? Bo mój tata ma wrodzoną wadę oka i to dlatego ma taką różnicę.
Dhuaine's avatar
Kolorowe plamy, taak >_> Za cholerę nie można kształtów określić, a cienkie przedmioty w ogóle znikają.

Nie mam pojęcia, skąd to się wzięło. Chyba od zawsze miałam wadę - wyszło podczas rutynowego badania w szkole, w drugiej klasie podstawówki. Jak pierwszy raz założyłam okulary, byłam w czystym szoku, że można wyraźnie widzieć. Od tamtego czasu wada się pogłębiała, w czwartej klasie już wiadomo było, że lewe oko jest słabsze, tylko że na początku różnica była znacznie mniejsza. Przekroczyła dwie dioptrie pod koniec gimnazjum i mniej więcej ustabilizowała się na 3/4 dioptriach (nie wiem dokładniej, bo okulista nie chce mi powiedzieć x.x) na początku studiów.
Andromeda-Mirtle's avatar
Ojej. Nie zazdroszczę.

Moje problemy z oczami sprowadzały się tylko do tego, że zepsuło mi się jedno oko trochę, więc nie mogłam czytać, gdy miałam zmęczone oczy, bo obraz mi się rozjeżdżał. Dostałam okulary, które w jednej szybie miały soczewkę, a w drugiej cylinder, bo jedno oko miałam popsute, a w drugim astygmatyzm.
Ale chyba popsułam sobie wzrok w drugą stronę, bo po jakimś czasie okazało się, że mam mniejszą wadę, a do tego w drugą stronę. Nie mam pojęcia, jak to się stało, ale już potem nie musiałam nosić okularów.
W każdym razie cały czas mam astygmatyzm, więc nie potrafię ocenić, czy coś jest równe, czy nie.
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Astygmatyzm to zło! Sama miałam 0.5 na lewe oko (>_>) przez jakiś rok, potem na szczęście się cofnęło. Dzizas. Na to mogą być tylko okulary, kontaktów chyba nie ma... Przynajmniej wtedy nie było. >_>
Ile problemów z tymi oczami... _-_
Andromeda-Mirtle's avatar
No ale wszystko przez to, że są takie ważne...
Dhuaine's avatar
Jeszcze odnośnie tego, czemu lewe oko mam słabsze - do tej pory nie zwracałam na to specjalnej uwagi, ale może ma z tym coś wspólnego fakt, że jako mały szczyl upadłam i poważnie rozcięłam sobie lewy policzek. Rozcięcie wymagało całkiem sporej ilości szwów. Zębom nic się nie stało, blizna jest blisko lewego oka, choć nie pamiętam, żebym wtedy nosiła specjalny opatrunek. No ale - to chyba jedyny poważniejszy uraz w tamtym rejonie, jaki pamiętam.
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Congrats on graduating! :hug: Hope you'll get a job you will love soon!

Oh yeah, I took a look at Enslaved - it's just as greasy and monkey-face looking as DmC trailer. Bleh, I don't wanna touch that.
I'm thinking about laser surgery too.. But scared that it might get me blind if something goes wrong. Eyesight is too tricky. Blind ppl probably wish for one very very blurry seeing eye. Even if just one =(
Dhuaine's avatar

Monkey-faced. Yeah. I'm not sure whether I understand ^^'
I don't like how Enslaved looks, though I can't quite put my finger on it.

I don't qualify for laser surgery. My cornea is too thin :( The surgery would need to make an actual cut to insert / replace the lens, urgh. Eeeeeek >____< It's serious and I don't want it >_> But I can't really continue wearing glasses...
It sucks. :( Success ratios of these surgeries aren't as high as we would like them to be, and I also think it's better not to mess with eyesight if it can get worse. >___>
reorain's avatar
Ah, it's just they all look like apes - both Donte and that huge male character in Enslaved. They look very similar =P

Oh, I heard about problems because of thin cornea =( Mine is probably thin too since this quality is usually acquired as a result of myopia.
Damn. Wearing glasses is so tiresome, especially when it's cold/rain outside. What about contacts?
Dhuaine's avatar
Just like Trip looks like Nariko. I wonder whether DmC will have a redhead sidekick/love interest for Donte. And where Andy Serkis will be in it. He was in Heavenly Sword too.

I was told thin cornea is genetically determined O.o
Due to difference between my eyes (-6/7 and -9/10 :/) I can't see properly in glasses... Everything's blurry and I'm loosing perspective. I'm going to try contacts, since they can be of different values... I hope there will be some that would fit me :( I've never used them because I'm allergic to a lot of things.
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