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So... Anyone knows of a Devil May Cry group / club that accepts only original series fan art and none of the stuff for that steaming pile of turd that Capcom/NT is trying to sell as new DMC game? I can't use regular search anymore without Bob popping up in the results. (Well, I could search for Nero, but. You know. Not giving up Dante yet.)

I almost failed to post this entry btw. It took me half a minute to figure out where "Submit journal" action went. Meanwhile, I noticed that last few of my journal entries dealt with varying degrees of fail somewhere. Don't I ever post good news? I almost feel bad for badmouthing deviantART regarding broken quick thumbs in Opera. I mean, it can hardly be considered in the same league as the insanely epic fail of gargantuan proportions aka DmC reboot. (And no, it's not about Dante's hair color.)

As for my absence from deviantART... I'm largely absent from Internet in general. Still working on my MA thesis. Not that there is much commotion here... Looks like most persons on my dA friends list (not acquaintances) don't post much either. Anyway, I would need at least vacations and at most a health check before I come back. It's been more than a month since I last slept for more than 5-6 hours per day and ate more than one real meal. It's kinda funny that I never feel hungry anymore and I'm full after one toast sandwich. Plus I have been living pretty much solely off DMC rage during last week.

Either way, my thesis is the most important thing right now. I'm deeply sorry for vanishing from the face of the Earth, but it couldn't be helped. Either I fail at time management, or I simply have too much to do. I still plan on coming back though, at least!

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... yeah. xD
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What new DMC game? I don't know what you're talking about. *In a firm state of utter denial*
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Hey, it's only getting worse. Now they're apparently wanting to squeeze this monstrosity into canon.
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The only good thing is that it's a prequel and therefore the easiest to ignore XD
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Lol XD That is indeed the only good thing about this cr*p. XD
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I've got too many things to take care of in RL at the moment as well, good luck to you hon :hug: :rose:
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It's scary how real life suddenly takes all the time! :ohnoes: Thank you and good luck to you too! :heart: :hug:
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