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There's no Architecture section in PM category! :crying:
Anyway, that's my brand new manip inspired by Castlevania, yeah. LoI: Dark Palace of Waterfalls this time.
Just an ugly, crappy-lit, flooded corridor. At first it looked so bad that I nearly dumped it to trash; however, after three weeks or so I got an idea and actually ended up liking it...
Tried out new lighting technique :)

14 hours.
Entrance: seu_r_b.
Walls: jimmers alcalde =Shoofly-Stock ~Stockudith.
Water: aschaeffer.
Statues: tdbiii.
Guys without url are sxc.hu photographers.

..:: Featured in Best of Photomanips - January :heart:
..:: Featured in Weekly Deviant: Issue 07 :heart:

I give =Manipulators permission to display this deviation in their gallery.
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I really loved the lighting and the atmosphere in this, it's not too different from the other "Dark Palace" manips but, I don't know, it just feels... I guess closer to me. I don't think I know the exact word to cover what I'm feeling.

But, I didn't like the flood, mainly because of the "waves". It may be my imagination of "eerie" but I think if it was a motionless flood, without the waves, or at least more little dripple like waves it would look better and I think easier to manipulate it there and make it seem more believable. Altough I can't say I know exactly how to do what I'm saying now, but, well, this is my fifty cent in this.

Still, I liked it very much. :D