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Verdure Tapestry

By Dhuaine
Another generic landscape with another generic title...

Okay, just a tiny explanation ;)
It turns out I won't scrap this piece ^^ I wrote that because there was a problem with a stocker (contradictory terms of use), I got really annoyed and grew kinda bitter towards this image. If I couldn't use it in a way I wanted, what's the point of having it in my gallery? :shrug: But fortunately the stocker in question replied very fast to my e-mail and I have their permission to do what I intended :) Smashing. :aww:

6 hours.
BG: ~anaRasha-stock
Details: Paul Morley [link] [link]
Brushes: ~spiritsighs-stock *redheadstock

.:: Featured in Best of weekly photomanip features #99 :heart:
.:: Featured in Cinnamoncandy's Sunday Feature #32 :heart:

This image may not be used in any form, commercial or not, without my explicit written permission.
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© 2009 - 2021 Dhuaine
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n-m-rotten's avatar
pięknie nastrojowe:)
frenchfox's avatar
Gorgeous and magic forest ! :love:
Adroth-Rian's avatar
Beautiful colors - Awesome atmosphere.
TuanTaureo's avatar
Very nice feel with the slightly muted daylight filtering through from the misty background. Really gives the image a warm, golden feeling. :)
Which, I daresay, is something of a rarity in your works. ;D

:+fav: ... just felt like it.
Dhuaine's avatar
Thank you so much :heart:
Yeah, I should work more with warm and nice palettes xD
RebeccaRose's avatar
I like it! The colors are a bit muted for my taste, but I absolutely love the soft glow coming between the trees!
Dhuaine's avatar
Muted? :o Do you have your monitor set up for print or something? It looks fine on mine, but I have contrast and saturation tuned up a bit...
Thanks :heart:
RebeccaRose's avatar
I dunno. I have an iMac. Colors are calibrated fine according to hellfirediva's black to white color thing...

But I will admit that colors look different on this computer than they do downstairs on my PC...
Dhuaine's avatar
Hm. Many tutorials calibrate your monitor to print, to match what you see with what would come out of your printer. However, it all depends on type of the printer and the ink, so... I don't pay too much attention to it. >.>; I print stuff via external company and I more or less know what would be different after they print an image... it's enough for now. ^^'
FenneArts's avatar
Podoba mi się atmosfera tajemniczości i magii, do tego jeszcze cudne kolory. :heart:
Dhuaine's avatar
Cieszę się :aww:
Random-Toon's avatar
It looks so serene and peaceful. Again, wonderful job!
Dhuaine's avatar
yulii's avatar
this looks so peaceful and perfectly beautiful :)
Dhuaine's avatar
SweeneyL's avatar
Beautiful ~
I love the atmosphere of the makes me want to visit that spot xP
Dhuaine's avatar
Thank you so much! :aww:
SweeneyL's avatar
You're welcome :3
Andromeda-Mirtle's avatar
love the trees in the background!!
Jules1983's avatar
I loooove Photomanipulations and seriously need to make more of them. This is a great example, good job! :)
Dhuaine's avatar
Thank you so much! :)
Behana's avatar
Beautiful as always. I would love to get lost in there!
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