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Starlit Idylle

By Dhuaine
dA sucks.

This is the fourth version of this pic. I wanted to do something with these bushes but lots of things just didn't want to look good... I came up with:
1) misty shit with trees in the background!
2) pinkish violet thing with a rainbow!
3) blue stuff with a waterfall!
But eventually, I'm rather satisfied with the result.

This image is part of Larks at Midnight project.

PS. I know it's 'idyll', not 'idylle', but the latter sounds better.

Gosh, linking everything is such a hassle that I was half tempted not to submit it at all...
17 hours.
Sky: createsima clix
Brushes: ~spiritsighs-stock FrozenStar
The rest are my personal stock photos taken by myself.
Please note: I can't link directly to Space2 brushes by *FrozenStarRo on Fantasies Unleashed because dA doesn't understand it. If you can't find them, go ask her yourself. ^^
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© 2008 - 2021 Dhuaine
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Catty oczywiście musiała ponarzekać, inaczej nie byłaby Catty (^.^)"

invented title sounds good.

anyway, i like the way how that thunder cuts the sky. your green retro colours are even more interesting.

good to see you in excellent form!
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Yay! Finally someone who likes the color palette! XD
Thank you :D

A trochę narzekania zawsze wystepuje przy moich gratach :lol:
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lol @ your description! :lol:

I think it looks pretty nice, wouldn't mind a sharpen though, seems kinda blurry. :ninja:
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Thanks :) I've already sharpened it, dunno, I tried to sharpen it more but then it looked unnatural (kinda too sharp for such lighting O.o).
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Can you take me there?
Pretty please
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Btw, main part of the vegetation was taken from my photo - gardens surrounding Chirk Castle, Wales, UK. It's a really beautiful place :heart: (There are obviously lots of trees and no water, but even the tiny house comes from there. ^^' )
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I think it's absolutely gorgeous :heart:

I love this color scheme, peaceful and serene. :)
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so beautiful! and you used my brushes :boogie:
Dhuaine's avatar
Thanks! :hug: I simply love these brushes :love:
FrozenStarRo's avatar
did I send you all? :confused: cause if I haven't I'll send some more ;)
Dhuaine's avatar
No, I have only Space 2 brushes. ^^ Are you sure? ^^;
I can make a donation but not full price ^^' *hides*
FrozenStarRo's avatar
huh? donation? do you seriously believe I'd say I'll send you more and expect something in return? honestly do you know me so little? :no: I like my closest dA friends to have them cause I know they can make gorgeous pieces with them :aww: so look at the store and make a list with those you'd like and note me. I'll pack them on yousendit for you :hug:
Dhuaine's avatar
Oh ^^' No offence intended ^^' It's just my conscience poking me that I shouldn't take advantage of such a lovely person as you ^^; I feel kind of unworthy of such a wonderful gift ^^' *fidgets* But if you say it's OK... Thank you! *squee* :glomp: :heart:
FrozenStarRo's avatar
you aren't taking advantage of me :rofl: I was the one who offered ;)
Dhuaine's avatar
Yup :) There aren't many generous and kind persons such as you... or at least I haven't met that many :)
:hug: :heart:
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It's beautiful :heart: !
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Beautiful the lighting.
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To bardzo mi się podoba. ;} kolory są świetne, wszystko do siebie pasuje i nic się nie odcina. :aww:
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no no... nie jest tak źle... mogło być gorzej... ;P
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Really nice, good to see you submitting again...
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