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By Dhuaine
Please tell me if it's too dark. I'll make it brighter (though it looks like daylight on my screen then...).

Entry -> Witchcraft and Wizardry Contest by *FrozenStarRo. I completely forgot about the contest thanks to massive uni workload and remembered only two days ago. Gosh, three tests and lots of different uni stuff... but I got in some kind of berserk mode ('No way will uni prevent me from sitting with PS! Grr!' ) and produced this. :slow:
At first I wanted to do some glowing pentagram thingy, but my rendering skills are below zero, so... yeah. My second thought was black cat, and here it is. Basically, it's a cat in front of her witch's house. So very original. =.=
Anyway, I like the outcome. I missed blue and green color palette ^^ If not for stock problems, I would be very happy with it. ;P I swear my hair is turning white already.
Title lame as always :lol:

12 hours.
Sky: przybysz
Cat: ~Sunstone72-Stock
Cottage: -own stock-
Stairs: ~stockmmebuterfly
Vegetation: markmiller ftibor =CausticStock
Brushes: AmaranthDreams
People without url are stockers.

*Fantasy-Fellowship has my permission to display this image in the club gallery.
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© 2007 - 2021 Dhuaine
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excellent work ...:clap:
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this is exciting and mysterious
BlueBumbleBee's avatar
I think it looks really inviting, actually. I would love to see a step by step process of one of your pieces.
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I love your work. Its all beautiful. I just so inspired.
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Why have I not favorited this...? This is sooo cool. It reminds me of little red riding hood, lol.
Dhuaine's avatar
Thank you! ^_^ I'm very fond of this image. :)
Cynderthedarkdragon's avatar
Spooky but cool ;P *Carefully walks up steps and jumps when the cat hisses at me*
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Wow ! I am in love with it :)
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I'm feature your image in my journal here: [link] :aww:
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Ohh this is so beautiful. Amazing work you're very talented. It looks so real. :heart:
I want a house like this one!
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Thank you so much! :love:
This is a real house from 17-18th century, I think :) [link]
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Oh yes I really like this style of houses.
There's some like this one is my village too. :)
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sorry, I just love those hauses...:)
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I like them too :giggle:
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Wonderful artwork ! :clap: awesome
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The composition is wonderful, but I think what makes it really impressive is the lighting you've achieved:love:
Great one:thumbsup:
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this daylight impreession conveys to it a kind of strangeness i love....:blackrose:
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This is perfect :) the lighting is amazing :) I love this tons :) thanks ever so much for the stock usage
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