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Focus Point

By Dhuaine
Holy sh*t. I made this on my desktop PC and then took it to my laptop and it's so saturated it hurts to look at. :noes:
I'm ashamed to post this. It belongs more to premade stock. *facepalm* But I had absolutely no ideas for the duel image and when I found this mountain stock I just decided on spot there was no reason to look further and that was it, I was taking it. :shrug: Blah. With less than no time for manipping, it's the best I can get.

A duel works as follows: two artists get together and agree on the dimensions and the number of rounds - they choose a piece of stock matching those dimensions to start with. Then the defendant starts and makes a picture using that stock. The other artist then takes the finished piece and uses it as "stock" for his next piece. Each person has x amount of time to complete their step.

The pieces are small compared to what people usually work with so this is an ideal pastime to get creative juices flowing without trying to be perfect or anything - just for fun.

Real dimensions: 1000x1000px.
Number of rounds: not decided.
Round duration: 3 months.

-> DUEL =RebeccaRose vs *Dhuaine, round 2.
Previous image: Balinore (clouds used; NOT STOCK).

3 hours.
Mountains: dorociak.
Sky: saavem.
Textures: FrozenStar.
Brushes: ~spiritsighs-stock.
+ own stock.

This image may not be used in any form, commercial or not, without my explicit written permission.
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© 2008 - 2021 Dhuaine
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Ohh so very beautiful!!! :clap:
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Ja natomiast nie jestem zachwycona. Chyba największą bolączką jest ta nieznośna jaskrawość, do której trzeba była przyzwyczaić oczy. Do tego na pierwszym planie (i trochę na dalszych) jest strasznie ciemno, chociaż niebo jest dość jasne. Światło na zielsku bardziej pasuje mi do pogody z ciężkimi chmurami, może nadchodzącej burzy?
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No niestety XD Na moim lapie też to tak wygląda. Aż oczy wypływają. Na Tywinie za to jest w porządku... Muszę kiedyś odpalić tego psd i to jakoś wyśrodkować ;)
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Very nice picture !:clap:
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Absolutely amazing. Love the striking colors and wonderful nature scene. Flawless :love:
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Catty, cudo <3 Chyba nigdy mi się bardziej Twoja praca nie podobała!
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O__o OK, nie narzekam XD
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Tantalizingly Surreal feel to this one... :w00t: :clap:
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its fantastic my friend!!! :clap:
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I think it's gorgeous like all of your landscapes :hug:
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Bardzo ładne. Kwiaty na pierwszym planie to wrzos?
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Dzięki. Nie wiem O.o Nie mam pojęcia o kwiatach...
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This is incredibly beautiful. I love how all of your manips always look so clean :heart:
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Thank you! :) Yeah, I always try to achieve that clear 'glass' effect. It's about the only thing that worked out here XD
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Mine always look so...dirty? Messy? Must be all the textures I can't seem to break away from. :/
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I have to agree XD
*not a fan of textures ^^' *
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I'm working on it! Really!

But it's a hard habit to break :XD:
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Good luck with it :fuzzydemon: It's so easy to overdo textures that I'm afraid to use them o.o
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Good idea. I started going with textures because it was an easy way to mask small flaws in the deviation with blending and cutting ect. Now it has spiraled out of control.

...How do you feel about brushes?
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I would LOVE to be able to use brushes :| Alas, the best I can do is mist and light rays, sparkles etc. Nothing more... real, like candles, trees etc. They always look flat when I use them. I suck at brushes >.<
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Nice job mate, very good overall picture, and amazing sky, keep it up!
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