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Fear No Darkness

By Dhuaine
Close Ups: [link]


What do you feel when you're in the dark?
Darkness is often associated with negative emotions - grief, despair, malice, and of course fear. Dark art here on dA usually portrays feelings of loss, sorrowful melancholy. On the even darker side there are macabre and horror genres. Hideous things may lurk in the dark... and this is the source of our fear: not the darkness itself, but what can be there with us, unseen.
However, if there are no reasons to be afraid, we can start appreciating what gifts darkness may provide. Sunlight gives humans energy boost; in the night we slow down and finally have the time to think deeper, not being distracted by vivid colours and noises. I for one have always loved caves - if illuminated by artificial lights, they become true spectacles of beauty. Time seems not to hurry; silence with distant echoes of dripping water and soft twilight invite me to stay still for a long while and think of everything or nothing at all, tuned in to my own heartbeat - because as long as I can see, I'm not afraid.

Dark Palace is my way to regain this feeling - solace, soothing comfort, being in harmony with myself.

What inspired me to choose this theme - I've heard lots of people saying they were doing (or not) dark art because of the darker qualities of human soul and the world in general. Our world is not bright and cheery; there is wrongness too.
Then someone told me that they like the darkness in my works - and indeed I do love dark palette, but the reason behind this is slightly different. I don't want to present darkness as threatening and something to be afraid of; quite contrary, twilight can greatly enhance the beauty. The difference is not what we can see - but what is hidden or obscured and thus left to our imagination.


Gah, I hope I make sense. It's 4.40am in my place and what remains of my brain is shrieking 'sleep! sleep!' :o I guess I shouldn't postpone stuff then... 'cause always something unexpected can happen. In this case, I learnt two days ago that I would have one day less to make this manip because of important family event. Geez. I nearly worked myself to death trying to get it on time. Many thanks to ~aurei for support and constructive comments; if not for her, this thing would have ended in trash at least five times. :heart: It'd be a pity, especially that I'm rather satisfied with the outcome.

It was supposed to be conceptual variation about Dark Palace, but you know me + dreamy stuff = fail... So I ended up with a regular Dark Palace piece.
For some reason it was impossible to export it without quality loss :( It's much darker than it originally was. Maybe I should post close ups? >.>

Edit: lol, it sounds as if I was a sappy romantic. xD I'm going to leave it be, though. I spent enough time on writing this huge chunk of text.
Edit2: I uploaded brighter version. I don't know if it's not too bright though, so please commentt ^^'


-> Entry in Express Your Feelings Contest held by ~fairyDany

39 hours.
Building: [link] *Mehrunnisa-stock [link] [link] [link]
Background: Mart1n
Statues: =Falln-Stock tdbiii
Path: [link] ~stockII
Vegetation: =Shoofly-Stock
Brushes: ~spiritsighs-stock
+ own stock.

::.. Featured in Best of... Weekly Photomanip Features #74 :heart:
..:: Featured in Weekly Deviant: Issue 07 :heart:

*Fantasy-Fellowship, *IndigoChildren, ~HotelTransylvania have my permission to display this deviation in club galleries.

This image may not be used in any form, commercial or not, without my explicit written permission.
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EBraunstein's avatar
Even though it looks sort of calming with its color palette, it still feels like a place I'd need to explore with a friend or two, just to feel safe lol
nannamanson's avatar
This is a fantastic place. Where is this anyway?????
ShadowClawSui's avatar
Heey this building are from Venezia <333 ( I Love this City <3)
Woow this idea is really amazing!
Great job!!!
Dhuaine's avatar
Thank you so much!! <3
Yeah, Venezia... I love the architecture there and would love to see it in person <3 Not only on the photos!
JenaDellaGrottaglia's avatar
Dhuaine's avatar
Thank you! :3
Exodusyria's avatar
Looking at this picture ((which is freaking awesome)) makes me think of the creepy, evil dark lord in my story. I love it.!!!
Dhuaine's avatar
Thank you! 8D It's supposed to be very creepy and dark >3 Not sure about evil though. xD Anyway, glad you like it! :D :heart:
Caileagh-Faoileag's avatar
I agree; it is the unseen that permits our imaginations to run rampant, and the darkness is the perfect canvas for our minds to paint pictures of terrifying things. And perhaps it is the "darker qualities of [the] human soul and the world in general" that conjures these thoughts and images. Afterall, why don't we imagine good things in the darkness?
I, personally, am terrified of the dark, but I much prefer it to half light. I'm rambling.

Anyway, this piece is beautiful. I love the lighting - it makes it look like an elvin sanctuary. :)
Dhuaine's avatar
No, it's very interesting to hear what other people think about it! :)
Good point about imagining good things in the darkness... I've never given it much thought, I just assumed it was stemming from primal fear from the times when the night was populated by predators. As much as the shadows can deceive and frighten a person, I prefer to see than to be in total darkness. :)

Thank you :heart: :hug:
Caileagh-Faoileag's avatar
I think you're right, and that it is a lingering instinctual fear of predators in the darkness. Humans rely a lot on what they can see, because we don't really have a good sense of smell or hearing (at least not compared to animals), so having the light around - any light - is always comforting, because we don't feel as vulnerable!
You're most welcome. :)
athlinia's avatar

You've been featured in my journal here: [link]
Dhuaine's avatar
Thank you so much! :heart: :blushes:
athlinia's avatar
:D You're very welcome :)
Evelajne's avatar
Featured! :aww:
take look at: [link]
fantastic piece of art :heart:
H-shini's avatar
thats kinda cool
Lyssiana's avatar
Very insiring work :heart:
Eafiu's avatar
I'd love to live there but I may need to sleep in the mornings... It looks too much beautiful at nights to be sleeping.

I agree with your writing and I have to say, your manipulation is a fantastic way of proving your point. (Altough probably you didn't do this to prove a point. :P)

If I say too much I will probably ramble on and on so I'll shut up right now.
Dhuaine's avatar
Thank you :aww: I'm really glad that this piece manage to convey the atmosphere I wanted to describe. :)
FenneArts's avatar
Właśnie natknęłam się na Twoją galerię i zanim zabrałam się do tego komentarza, musiałam najpierw pozbierać swoją szczękę z podłogi.
Klimat tej pracy (jak i wielu innych z tej serii) jest niesamowity, magiczny i genialny i... Właściwie można by wymieniać jeszcze o wiele więcej epitetów.
Podoba mi się strasznie światło i te wszystkie lampki/pochodnie :heart:
Co do nocy, to jest w niej coś niebezpiecznego i urzekającego jednocześnie. I tym bardziej urzekające, jeśli natrafić choć raz na takie cudo architektoniczne...
Gratuluję pracy!
Dhuaine's avatar
Dziękuję pięknie :heart: Strasznie się cieszę, że ta seria się podoba. Przyznam nieskromnie, że jestem do niej bardzo przywiązana i cenię ją najbardziej ze wszystkich, jakie dotąd robiłam. Mam nadzieję dalej ją kontynuować. ^^
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