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Dripping Afterglow

By Dhuaine
Most likely it's the last deviation in August. I bet you're all happy this dev spam from me is over :lol:

One month ago, dear =RebeccaRose and me agreed on a photomanipulation duel (round robin). This is the first image in first round. :)

A duel works as follows: two artists get together and agree on the dimensions and the number of rounds - they choose a piece of stock matching those dimensions to start with. Then the defendant starts and makes a picture using that stock. The other artist then takes the finished piece and uses it as "stock" for his next piece. Each person has x amount of time to complete their step.

The pieces are small compared to what people usually work with so this is an ideal pastime to get creative juices flowing without trying to be perfect or anything - just for fun.

Real dimensions: 1000x1000px.
Starting stock: =ForeverStock.
Number of rounds: not decided.
Round duration: 3 months, but it's not strict, as we're both busy persons. ^^

I set another rule for myself - the image has to be completed in max 5 hours :lol: I tend to spend too much time on complex stuff.

-> DUEL =RebeccaRose vs *Dhuaine, round 1.

3 hours (that was fast! :fuzzydemon: )
Lake: =ForeverStock.
Planet: =Fune-Stock.
Sky: ~nestrstock.
Brushes: ~spiritsighs-stock.
+ own stock.

*Fantasy-Fellowship, *IndigoChildren have my permission to display this deviation in club galleries.

This image may not be used in any form, commercial or not, without my explicit written permission.
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3 months was worth the time for a peice like this.
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I'm so glad there are artists like you who can make images of things I think of. For example: two planets being very close to eachother and habitable for humans.
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I didn't think about that other planet as being habitable, but now that you said it, yes, it looks very much that way :) Why haven't I noticed this earlier...? xD
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The idea is mindblowing thou- *BOOM*
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:wave: I've featured this here for however long - or until I can be arsed re-doing my journal! [link] :lmao:

Tis fab!

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Thank you so much! :love:
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OMG so beautiful. :heart:
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Perfect example of just how much the title can do for an image. From being a moderately eyecatching photomanip, I can suddenly almost feel the light having been turned liquid and dripping off the strange planet hanging majestically in the sky, like a boon from the heavens. Awesome.

TuanTaureo's avatar
Aww. :meow: I'm flattered that my various ramblings from eight months ago are still proving themselves to be a source of inspiration. :D

(I can so relate on the tardiness ... .___. )
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(This is officially my record in replying delay. I hope I will never beat it.)

Thank you so much :heart: Your comments always inspire me to do more. To be honest, I kept them in my inbox because I haven't felt into dA lately (for several months...) and seeing them gave me a little motivation to move forward.

What you described is exactly what I wanted to achieve. <3 I'm glad that the title serves as such a useful clue; I was afraid that it was the obvious sort. ^^
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awesome!! I love the sky... I so have to do something similar now
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This reminds me of some of the original Lord of the Rings artwork John Howe did for the books, it's lovely.
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Thank you! :love: I love Howe's work :) Though I don't remember seeing his art in LotR books... I've got only Silmarillion with Nasmith's artwork. I've got to take a look at Howe's website some time :)
Niraven's avatar
If I recall correctly, he did the art for a summary/mapbook that was released a long long time ago that contained a giant painted version of a map of Middle Earth inside. Some works included a gorgeous pencilled picture of Gandalf, and some lovely pictures of the earliest Rivendell.
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Well, hopefully he still has these on his website :) He's one of the rare breed of artists who keep a decent gallery of their own :D
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I love it. The blue tones and that light at the horizon make the picture surreal. It calms me... ^_^
Dhuaine's avatar
Thank you! :heart: Wow, I didn't think it could be calming... :)
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Whooaaaa! Incredible! Love this!
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Ładne to to. Jest w tym cos tajemniczego. :)
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