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Character Balance Sheet Excel

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Y'all remember this one by =fyuvix?
Well if you do, great! If you don't let me explain. No, there is too much. Let me sum up. Better yet, let the man who made the original himself sum up:

"Just a little meme for character balance, with some tips and hints. You can use this for a group of characters, or just a few single characters. Anyway, hope y'all find the information helpful!
Okay for the record, this is -not- a definitive chart on how to make a character. [. . .] This is simply to see if a cast of 7 or less characters is well balanced according to some little thing I made up. Also, make sure to read ALL the notes as it mentions that a good cast does NOT consist of ALL well-balanced characters, but a balance of balanced and unbalanced. It is really only important that your main character is balanced. Yes, there are exceptions, this is a general meme for fun."

What you see above you is his version of the meme, but adapted into an excel file.
Click on the Download button for a copy.

Notes about the file:
- You only need to enter the character names into the first row. They automatically file out the rest.
- To select a different number of characters, use the sheets on the bottom of the page. There is currently an option for 5, 6 and 7 number of characters.
- To duplicate the sheet, do not "Select All" then copy it. The spaces are get thrown off. Instead, right mouse click the sheet and select "Move or Copy."
- To make an excel graph into a image; open MS Paint, select the graph on excel, copy, go to MS Paint and paste. MS Paint works well that way.

That should be about it. Ask me if you have any questions. Have fun!

EDIT Apparently the file was not uploaded properly. I believe it has been fixed now. Also, tell me if you've filled the chart out. I'm curious to see them in use.
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I think this list is fairly balanced. You don't want to put too much weight on character checklists, but listing generic traits is helpful, rather than saying your character is a Mary Sue because she has purple eyes and cat ears. Its more important to have balanced characters than to simply avoid the cliches.