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never broken

another one in the wrong category.
this one really baffles me.
i know dA goes through certain changes from time to time and
things can get 'buggy'.
maybe something like that happened while i was 'away'.
thought about edited the original description as well,...
but then i thought,
this is how i felt when i first created this.
this is the truth.
also, i've been criticized for saying too much in a description
at times.
i mean,...the way i see it,...if it bothers you,...
don't read it.

you guys be cool.

kinda funny my newest submission is sorta a sequel to this.
following the whole theme of 'never broken'.
honest. this was not planned.
just weird.


i read alot of descriptions that start out:
'i did this because i was bored'
well,...i did this because i was angry.
this is my tribute to my job,...the job i hate,...the job
that won't break me.
i know you're used to clean sketches from me,...but, i
was feeling anything but clean while doing this,...scratched
it out in about 2 hours,...came home with 'running with
the devil' playing in my head, so i reached for the album
and decided to use david lee as my subject,...his pose
had a certain defiance about it i was feeling,...bent over
backwards screaming to the heavens, i added the
arrows for symbolism and had him in the act of pulling
one out in yet another act of defiance.

the moral to the story:
when they try to break you,...stare down the barrel and tell them to go straight to hell.

i promise i'll submit something 'nice' next time.'
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This is officially the best thing I've seen all week, and I've been around the world the past 2 weeks so I've seen a LOT lol. And it's probably due in part to your accompanying description....that made my day!
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well. you just made my day.
so we're even. heh
thanks so much!
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Man. I looked at this image like five times (yes I failed to comment each time)...and I only just now noticed the hand on the arrow in his heart. Which makes it that much better.

This has to me the feel of Giacometti's ballpoint portraits...they're complete works, the sketchy lines are part of the story. It's hard to think of this as the moment of death, the pose is too alive and the 'scribbles' add motion.

It's pretty nice.

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why thank you so much P.
it goes (or should by now) without saying
how much i dig your commenting on my junk.

(to be continued)
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wow .....very strong image.
iam-SHERLOCKED's avatar
I've done angry work as well, but never better than this. :clap:
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Your technique here is certainly interesting. I have a tendency to use music to my artistic advantage as well. If I find a song that puts me in a particular groove, it will be played over and over until the spell breaks. :-)
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I do not know about others, but as far as I am concerned, the more you write, the wiser I get! So, write whatever comes in your mind. And create art! As for the morale..You are right, it needs strength to achieve this, though...:heart:
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Great !... David Lee Roth like we've never seen him !
shake-the-shell's avatar
Nice scribbles!
In my (personal) experience, anger produces some of the best work. This, proves it!
spikesquirrel's avatar
wow... that's very awesome. real powerful. great work...
UnChienAndalou's avatar
I wish I could draw like You. :) :butterflytwo:
takisepan's avatar
i'm very impressed:) great job!
Reflectom's avatar
Ouch! :) very nice works you have here thou.
Bottiemah's avatar
If you would have cleaned this it would had have destroyed the whole picture, I think it's beautiful, I love the emotion, even though I am a quite positive person, good job!
i-bloom-blaum's avatar
That's amazing. I don't know what else to say :D
MartinSilvertant's avatar
I love the light color tones on the yellow. The arrows look absolutely great.
Spiritofdarkness's avatar
wowy! that's a pretty cool work :thumbsup: really nice expression :D
alternative-glamour's avatar
brilliant sketch :]]
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wow, looking at this really makes me feel honoured to have been featured by you.

'angry' and 'bored' yes, are quite different. and this does look more 'angry' than 'bored'.

it's all "argh, get these frick things out of me." and it seems his first instinct is to rip them out not worrying about the damage/consequences if organs come out too.

nice emotion in the awkward body position.
this looks alot better "unclean"
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This is one of my favorite pictures on DevArt.

Thank you.
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