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Good is also Evil



The contest "GOOD vs. EVIL" really caught my attention. I like the theme good vs. evil. For a week, i was thinking what is really the nature of these two. I wonder why the battle of good and evil exist or is there really a battle...Who will win in the end and when? Then i found some realization and turned them into artwork. So heres my entry and some explanation... my explanation may seem contradictory to others, but this is my point of view only. Nothing personal. :) Please excuse me for my english.

Good and evil... for me, these two forces co exist, and this universe we live are governed by it. One cannot exist without the other. In our human mind, we cannot distinguish what is evil without good or vice versa. They are a forces of nature, just like day and night, and cannot be separated.

Good and evil are rooted in the conditions we define. We label good as something pleasant, friendly and happy, and evil as violent, painful and scary or worst terms possible. We as a conditional being, we say "this is good and this is evil", but it is just according to our selves (our ego). In the ultimate truth, there’s no such thing. Its just a "cycle" of two opposite extremes which is a process of creation, just like life and death, happiness and suffering...a positive and negative energy, and we earthly beings are in the middle, we can either be good or bad, maybe not purely good nor purely evil but a combination of these two makes us who we are. There's no one ever born in this world to be good, or to be evil, somehow in one's lifetime, there’s a time we’ve been good and been evil(bad) to others. It's a balance I think.

Even our mother nature, it can be "good" to let us live...and it can be violent to unleash "evil" forces that we define, enough to produce natural disasters and eliminate us all.
Just like now for example, I believe you all agree that a rain was once a blessing and always has been...but now in some part of the world it brings disaster, at least in my place, a little rain produces flood nowadays and wash out everything. You see, a once good thing can be evil through conditions that affect us.

About the image:

-Since for me, good and evil only exist in our mind conditions, we are so conscious about it...I represented good and evil forces as a human like figure.

-Good and evil somewhat like a tree connected to each other but not the same... like I said, they both exist.

-Each one holding a heart... a heart is a representation of all
living beings governed by these two forces.

-the little man in the center a representation humanity... we are conditional beings, we can be influenced by these two cycles of positive/negative force.

-the seeds growing in the palm. Yup that is a seed that is about to grow.

We as as conscious intellectual being, we always know which seed is good for us and which is not, we have a choice... We can throw away the good seed and keep the evil seed and be evil. But we cannot prevent good seed from growing, it's always there waiting for our attention and pick it up if we're no longer happy being evil or bad to to others. it is a cycle we cannot prevent... We can’t just be good or be evil(bad) forever. There will be a time that we will be influenced by these two. It’s a cycle and always a balance. Our human history is full of Good and evil experience...Even or comic books and movies is so full of it, and we enjoy.

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