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He said "i see dead people". :rofl:
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Shyness: .... Y-Your not a-alone, at least y-you don't h-have a demon in your b-back *Twitch* freak lunatic hell demon laugh :demonic: HEEEY!! DoN't SaY cRaP aBoUt Me .. UNLESS YoU wAnT tO gEt MORE iNsAnE ....Friend? Fuzzydemon *Twitchy-Twitch* .... W-, Was I s-saying something? ...
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It kind of looks like Jeff the killer
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cool. i can relate to this because i'm afraid of everything:happybounce:
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sick man love the colours and uneasy feel is it all photoshop?
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Fear is everlasting,
Fear is always there,
Fear is not a rapist,
Fear is not a murderer,
Fear is not death or loneliness.
Fear is my father.
Fear is always watching,
Fear is always waiting,
Fear won’t let me escape
Fear mocks me,
Fear taunts me,
Fear is everlasting.
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i wish i had this sence of art ,, keep it up
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Love the eyes!!!!
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He said "I see dead people".

I said "Where?"

But I like the reaction on his face. It shows some deep terrifying depths. =)
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Cool pic! I love it!
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pls... mail me...
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tried to paint this.. I just got a cleaner version... lol... I need tips on how to make the eerie effect with the lines... any suggestions?
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What an incredible piece. I love it. Great work.
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Heh. This reminds me of Salad Fingers back on Newgrounds.
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i think you have seen th sense a bit to much :XD: love it :XD:
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