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My Bio
I'm am perhaps the most laid back person anyone could find. Some would argue that i'm overly lazy and in some cases a bit of a slob perhaps. I have plenty of energy, but i do not know how to focus it into what i would like. Many of the projects or things i would love to do and accomplish either on my own or with any help i could get i can't due to limited funds or simply lack of available "education". Artistic/Creative endeavours in almost anything real world or virtual, music/art/games/practical application of anything be it useless or useful. I wish i knew how to use the full capabilities of say photoshop or illustrator, or say 3d modeling and texturizing... etc and so forth.

Having grown up on a Farm far away from any educational systems capable of providing what i wish/need, has sevearly limited my capabilities unfortunately. And without knowing where to go nor being able to afford it if i did know where to go... mostly puts a stopper in all of it.

Favourite Visual Artist
My eyes and brain are pretty much my idle for giving me still and video like imagery around me, painting "reality" if you want to call it that, every day.
Favourite Movies
All of my Favorite Movies........
Favourite TV Shows
Several of them... Really to many to list like the movies
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Again to many.... with all the new material popping up on the the internet with basically infinite creativity... where would one start?
Favourite Books
The only "books" i read are manuals for anything that might be new... or old.... whatever
Favourite Writers
None, don't even like 99% of the writers for manuals...
Favourite Games
Again to large to list since it really took off since my birth...
Favourite Gaming Platform
PC, there will never be anything that will match it, Consoles are great no doubt, but consoles are just simplified PCs
Tools of the Trade
Currently? I couldn't call it a trade, more like stumbling through with no clue of what i'm doing with tools that most people that know anything about them would scream at me for my total lack of actually using them or using them right.
Other Interests
I don't even know where to start with this one either....
I think i may have to reattempt my first render, White Sence, perhaps with my collected experience since that first render i did, i can produce something MUCH more excellent looking.. People like black, i think i'll do a Black version, with perhaps red.....
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So, my first attempt to bypass Bryce 5's 4000 resolution limit, i decied to go with something rather simple in terms of the render. It took ages to get it the look of what i'm rendering right... but i'm sure plenty of people will recognize it. And no, i didn't use photoshop or anything to do it. It's yet another PURE RENDER. Anyways, another triple monitor wallpaper, 6072x1536 should wet any Resolution happy goer. How i am doing this is offsetting the rendered peices by a 225, the using the camera at exact 90 degree Y axis to each part of the render. Now i'm not sure how well the deviding lines for each monitor will match up, but hopfully it
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Not very many people have even Dual Monitor Desktops. Although today, in combination of Light and Thin LCDs that are super fine and crisp with great quality and responce times, it's very possible for any computer user to take advantage of the benifits of dualing it up. Triple monitors? now that is rare, Matrox has a triple head video card, very few have these. However, in light of the new video cards that can prodice any user with 3-4 or even 5 monitors hooked up at once giving someone say a maximum of 10240x1536. I can see in the near future as a resolution of 2048x1536 is now becoming extremely affordable, with excellent refresh rates on CR
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Thanks for the fave
I'll try, and thanks for the welcome. I'm still figuring out the site, and how to add friends or how to watch, i'm still trying to figure out as well. I guess when you receive the message, you'll know when i'm your "friend" ;)
first off welcome to dA. you look very good. i will add you to my watch list. i hope to see some good renders out of you... lol :lol: