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Sonic Spin Dash Attack!

From Battle Royale of the Sexes (BROSIS) episode 6:

Sonic does his version of Seung Mina's Opening Treasure takes out Nico Robin
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O my, sonic.. you are just something else...

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Ouch! But MAN is the animation fluid!

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I'm a fan of Robin, but I loved the view of her ass, and how fluent the animation of the attack was.

Yeah the view is worth the attack

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Spin dash to da COOCH!
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Ah, snooPING AS usual with the low blows, I see?
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Fucking hell, that looked brutal and painful
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critical hit XD
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Go Home, Eggman, you're drunk
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Yeah, gotta love how this tournament is going to end with Chun Li winning AGAIN.  :\
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Didn't Chun-Li win only once? I think Amy Rose is more likely ton win again, rather than Chun-Li. Though my personal guess for most likely winner is Bowsette.
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Don't underestimate the most unwarranted universally liked female in all of electronic martial arts.  Any character that is shoved into the spotlight, constantly rubbed in the fans faces seem to successfully convert morons into become zombies like the ones who already like them.  Despite having zero personality, she's maintained relevance throughout the 30 odd years.
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Eh, she's not my favorite Street Fighter character, I'm more of Karin and Cammy guy, but I have nothing against her. It just seems you want to vent about a subject you're passionate about, but I don't care if she wins or loses, so I'm not the best type audience for this type of rant.

My point was just that I don't consider her the main favorite given that Amy Rose won the last one, and Bowsette is so huge on the web right now. But if I'm wrong and Chun-Li wins, I won't be upset. This is just a silly comedy series made for fun, fan-service, and entertainment.
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Well if you're aware of that, and you don't care, what was the point in putting in your two cents?

Again, someone who should've faded off into irrelevance has managed to stick around this long.  I wouldn't be surprised if she does pull through.  Amy probably won due to internet faddom last time - she's been put down quite enough by the sonic fandom as being a pretty irritating character. 

This is just a silly comedy series made for fun, fan-service, and entertainment.

One that has gone on for far too long, yeah. 
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Ah, I just gave my two cents regarding who'd win for the simple fun of predicting and finding out later if I was right. I didn't think this'd be about the merrits of Chun-Li as a character or a debate about whether her popularity is warranted or not, prior to makiing my first reply.

I still enjoy this series, personally speaking. I wouldn't keep watching it if I didn't enjoy it on some level, but to each their own.
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The funny thing about "to each their own", is that if someone wishes for the obliteration of said content, and it happens, that would shatter the positive message behind the phrase. 

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I just take it to mean "Live and let live". Just to be clear, I have nothing against you, I saw you being disappointed with the prospect of Chun-Li winning and I thought my genuine prediction that either Bowsette or Amy Rose will win would cheer you up, while also giving me the opportunity to go on record as to who I think will win. I'm just not passionate about the whole "character X is overrated/character Y is underrated" aspect, it's all a matter of taste anyway, and I watch this series for kinky fanservice and comedy, not to see a specific character win/lose. I have some characters I like more than others, sure, but it's not the focal point of this series to me.  
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Let's have a hope this will not happen. Cause y'know what's even more annoying than Chun? Her fans, lul. If tournament gonna win a girl, let it be someone like Bayonetta at least. (rooting for TB however)
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Damn, that had to hurt, and I'm a fan of Robin which makes this even more painful to see. XD
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