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Johnny Cage wins. Flawless victory.

From Battle Royale of the Sexes (BROSIS) episode 5:

This should be Johnny Cage's new Fatal Blow in Mortal Kombat 11.
Does +1000 damage on female opponents.

No babalities will be in Seong Mina's future until the swelling goes down...
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¡Give it your touch!😎
By the way, whats the advantage of using his nut punch in the game? its range is kinda short and you dont even get a free hit.
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If you can connect with it as the first hit in the match/on punish and can enhance in either case, it becomes a Krushing Blow.

If you break your boob bone, do you have to wear a cast?

That would be funny to see Seong Mina walking around with a plaster bra.  Then the bra gets stuck to her tits so they have to cut it off.

Nah, they are already too destroyed, they would slide right out

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Johnny Cage, the women beans destroyer
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For good old Johnny this is pure routine at this point. :P
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The Return of THE BOOB BONE!
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Boobs don't have bones...
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Do you even get paid for this?
talk about busted nuts...
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Great work XD
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That poor bean.  :D
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It's been many years but we've come back to the boob bones.
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RIP Mina's boob bone.  

I can almost feel her pain. 
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