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From my new Youtube upload:…

An unfortunate trend that started in Mortal Kombat 1 with Johnny Cage's "Splits Nut Punch" has reared its ugly head in Mortal Kombat 11 Aftermath with Robocop's "That One Time" Brutality!  This finishing move is based on this famous scene from Robocop where he shoots a guy in the crotch.  But, for some reason, they prevent you from performing this move on female opponents!

We want gender equality, Netherrealms Studios! If you're going to go extreme and over the top, don't chicken out when it comes to the ladies, NRS! I thought the women of Mortal Kombat would be strong enough to handle it, since they're so good at dishing it out (I'm looking at you Sonya and Cassie Cage, the queens of male genital destruction)!

At the very least, give us a female equivalent like the one I propose in this animation!

(btw, longtime fans might notice the return of Williams and Lucy)
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If you want equality, you should bring equality, because i only see female vs female, where Is the balls??
Where Is the ballbusting?? 😭
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That's Police Brutality for ya! :)

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Thx for noticing this too. I was pissed when this brutality wasnt the same when did to females. I even did a tweet about it. I hope NRS fix this sexism bullshit

Queremos la arma CB!

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that's a shitty move from NTS, if you advocate for equality you should bring equality

Nice and I love that you bring the refences to Robocop in this keep up the amazing work

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Actually, this Brutality can be performed on female kombatants. Only instead of getting shot in the crotch, female kombatants get the more gruesome end as their head is shot into lots of bloody pieces.

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Try watching the video. I addressed that.

Could you link us where you found the source of the mod that swaps the animation? I'd love to figure that out myself

What isn't sexist these days though? People are willing to accept sexism as long as it's against Men and not women, and cultural producers are only too happy to follow suit.

williams and lucy are my favorite characters. Love it

glad to see you posting again./ Love you work and long time fan

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