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A Cautionary Tail

From Battle Royale of the Sexes (BROSIS) episode 7:

Wear a cup when fighting Bowsette, or this might happen to you.  Learn from the mistakes of Princess Peach!
Truly a cautionary tale all warriors should heed...
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Like a fucking beyblade...

Yikes, with all her hits down there combined with previous tournaments I'm surprised she can still feel anything at all.

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Ahh yes. The account the coined the term CBT before CBT was main stream. I still remember the Makoto ball torture she did against the SF IV crew. 
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Hmm bowsette does have the same booty as peach
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I love their faces.
It's so cute to see such expressive blondes~
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Note to self peach:

Never leave the door opened
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critical hit O_O
I love the pun lol
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Expert use of the tail. ;) (Wink) 
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Do Peach’s boobs seem bigger to me than usual here? But still, thats funny and cute!
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Oh wow that's painful!
Not sure how well it’ll work after that...
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Oh no!  Peach's peach is no longer peachy!
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