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:icondhelmise:dhelmise posted a status
I had a rly good day 2day if only 4 a few reasons and some stuff was bad but mostly good...I got 2 see my baby kitten at theshelter after not being able 2 see her 4 weeks or a month or something and shewas SO HAPPY and It makes me so happy 2 see her jfhjsmf I love her so much I want her so bad I want her 2 b happy so bad i love her,,,,

anc ALSO u know the older kitty who I was worried about since she looked rly old like her age was obvious evem tho she was only 13 Well when I was going by the senior cats 2 see my ol pal Mindy I noticed thta kitty wasnt there and I got scared and asked the lady if she passed away bc I was scared.....BUT GUESS WHAT!!!! SHEGOT ADOPTED!!! APPARENTLY A COMMUNITY SERVICE GUY AODPTWD HER AND SAID EVEN IF SHE ONLY HAS A WEEK TO LIVE REGARDLESS HE WOULD TAKE HER and Im sure she has much more than that but jfhdjfjd Im so happy she can b with her family now Im so happy fjdjfndndmkcjshdjd I May cry

Thats pretty much y my day was good I watched anime and hatched eggs all day and did not play splatoon I am a bad bad man

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