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:icondhelmise:dhelmise posted a status
I woke up so late its already almost dinner time...Im gonn a finish my last comm 2night uhaughahuu yay and THEN I can use my drawing time 2 work on personal art I rly wanna finish the Pearl n Marina pic

Part of me wants 2 open comms again but I rly take tehm 2 much like not even really tho bc ppl take probly as many comms as me all the time or more but the thing is I dont draw like CONSTANTLY (bc I cant bc Im in 2 much physical pain) so the time I use drawing Id like 2 do personal stuff 2 so I can grow as an artist but doing comms makes me feel productive and have a reason 2 draw bc sometimes I slack off and get lazy in doing personal art...but b4 I open comms again I want 2 try something new like probably shaded comms and more polished ones even tho Im sure Ill offer flat colored ones 2 but nya'

I want 2 draw Rem and Ram also Rikka from Chuunibyou bc that is a Good anime I would probly draw her and Uhhh Dekomori and also UUUHH that new girl from the second season umm I 4got her name but she has pink hair or something and I like their designs and theyre relatable bc I 2 am very chuuni...........the world of fanart is opening up 2 me bc I havent drawn humans or fanart rly ever...I also want 2 draw...uhh what else...SOUL EATER STUFF bc soul eater is teh best anime ever made Im sry I dont make the rules...thats pretty much it......ACTUALLY Im gonna ask characters who u think would look good in my style Im gona post a Journal Idk y a journal but Im Gonna

ALSO MY gf is takin a shower so I am gonna play some sploon as I awaiut her return and THEN maybe I will watch anime or play game...other than splatoon

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