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:icondhelmise:dhelmise posted a status
Im so mad bc Im rly feeling enthusiastic about drawing but it hurts so bad 2 draw bc I think it affects my neck/shoulders when I draw bc it tenses urself up even if u dont rly notice it thats what the massage lady said at one point...and like sitting in 1 position 4 a while and not just hanging out wherever hurts like my mom put ice on my back and it even still kinda hurts even after its been iced =(

Apparently my back has gotten a little better but its still rly messed up and I can only go once a week now 4 only a little longer Idk whatll happen after that but I dont think insurance helps us out w it anymore after that so....urg...I thought I was getting better bc while I was going 2-3 times a week it felt better but now apparently when I dont go it just hurts!!! =( =(

I dont know how Im gonna draw if it hurts this bad like this is one of the reasons I had trouble posting a lot of art 4 the longest time (literally even after I started going 2 physical therapy I couldnt) bc it huts so bad 2 draw 4 long amounts of time and it takes me 4ever 2 draw like polished stuff and when I was drawing 2day I noticed myself kinda slacking and not doing the best that I couldve been doing bc I was in pain awhaugaeug

I just wanted 2 draw something personal 4 myself b4 I finished comms but I cant even finish it!!! And I dont know how Im gonna finish Julys comms bc pain!!! Aaaaa!!!!!!!! This dumb body!!!!! =( =( =(

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