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:icondhelmise:dhelmise posted a status
HI IM IN A GOOD MOOD 4 ONCE!!! The last few days were terrible and I cried thruout basically the whoel time it was Very bad but 2day is rly good so far I slept all day til like 1:30 which I rly needed bc I needed 2 rest after all the crying bc it exhausted me and I cuddled w my kitten all day while we slept

My kitten is having trouble walking tho =( There might b something wrong w his leg bc he cant rly walk on his own we need 2 help him get around and get food and go potty even bc he cant stand on his own in the catbox so we have 2 hold him up as he goes but he went peepee all by himself 2day without me holding him Im so proud of him!!!

Now me and my gf r planning vegan stuff and gonna ask our parents 2 get ingredients 4 us aaaaaaa Im excite aaaaaaaahhhhh
Sry 4 art being slow again things seem 2 b getting nbetter emotionally at least they r so far 2day so if this can stay like this it would b good...I just gotta take care of my boy tho so ;_; My angel bear hes so small I feel like Im juts teaching him how 2 walk on his own...hes just a baby he cant do it by hismelf hes 2 little..

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