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:icondhelmise:dhelmise posted a status
Hhghyg sry 4 inactivity I havent had motivation 2 draw my own stuff or work on comms or draw at all bc 2 reasons 1 Personal stuff that has been really destroying me (its getting better hopefully tho) and 2 I got a switch which u might know so all I rly wanna do is play games...which is kinda also related 2 the firsg thing bc the bad things that r happenkng sort of make me need 2 do things that help me feel better ;_;

But Im feelin ok rn!! I just think I need 2 take a little breather Ik Ive been gone 4 a bit but things r just rly rough and Im still not in therapy so its hard Im sry Im sry also 4 delaying owed art tjejfjdjd

I also feel like My art sucks lately not eben that it actually sucks but its just Meh probly bc Ive only been doing comms so its getting stale and looks bad bbllhhh I was almost done w one comm but Im gonna redo it bc it bad ANYWAY I will go 2 sleep soon I gootta play game and talk 2 gf

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