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:icondhelmise:dhelmise posted a status
Me and my gf went thru a phase like 2 years ago where we were obsessed w wanting 2 make pokemon plushies and I saw a pokemon plushie and I want 2 cry bc I want 2 make them again!!!!!! I want 2 make plushies of every single 1 of our pokemon basically all my pokemon r shiny so I could make custom plushies of them all and cuddle them all in my bed w me and also I want 2 make a huge fat plushie of my huge fat gengar 2 cuddle with even tho he would probablty be 2 fat and large 2 fit in my bed I have a giant like 5 ft tall teddybear named Edgar and he doesnt fit either so thats upsetting but OH WELL

Also we could do plushie comms (assuming we actually knew wat we were doing) and we could make plushies of ocs and just pokemon plushies mostly but hhhrhgushgfdjgsdkf also I used 2 b obsessed w making perler bead sprites of my poekmon and I was thinking I could do comms of those if i like..Learned how 2 pixel and then did pixel comms and also made perler sprites of them but I lost my touch at how 2 iron them just right so alas

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