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:icondhelmise:dhelmise posted a status
I think my gf fell asleep sadly so hopefully shell order the computer 2morrow now that we have enough money AHGFAUDGHDSUGHSUDGUFS thank god thank god thank god this rly was an emergencyt because I cant. I cant!! I cant handle hardly talking 2 her anymore I cant I cant I cant..I cant
Ummmm I was gonna vent sort of but Im 2 paranoid 2 tell anything personal about myself cause yah paranoia except I guess Im ok venting about my mom hahha but not anything else so I will just say: I am clingy very very very clingy, ........yeah

Anywah Im gonna do art 2morrow also my dad is takin me 2 the store 2 get mai gfs tablet!!!!!! WOOOHOO!!!!!!!!!! And hopefully ship it Oh yeah wahoo!!! Ok Im gonna go watch anime now b4 beddybye thank u arceus 4 granting my 1 wish

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