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:icondhelmise:dhelmise posted a status
Ok I feel better than last night, my mom apologized (???? what?!??!?!) so everythings good 4 now til next time but I said maybe I should try 2 calmly tell her when something she says is hurtful so shell know not 2 do it and 2 monitor herself...I kinda feel like it wont rly work bc I start getting worked up when she says hurtful stuff but I will Try

I am in physical pain rn but I am going 2 try 2 work on my last comm!!! I cant believe I dont have any more owed art after comms r still open so that might change but I can actually draw my own things now...What....

Also I dont know if I want 2 watch horror movies or listen 2 music while Im drawing this is Difficult!!!

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