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:icondhelmise:dhelmise posted a status
Stuff I did over my lil break:
- Finished the 3rd Higurashi game and kinda started the 4th but hardly
- Decided 2 give up on recording my hatching off Eggs and am hatching a lot quicker now...still looking 4 my sandygast
- Also gave up on getting all my babies all their ribbons so moved most of em up 2 Alola (YAYYYYYYYYYYY)
- Got a free trial of Crunchyroll and started watching Re Zero
- Ordered the Re Zero LN...
- Umm I think I did something else?? OH started 1bit Heart
- Tried 2 play Dreaming Mary 4 literally like 2 minutes but got scared just after the person at the beginning finished talking so closed the window and never went back
- Did Not Do Art
- Planned vegan stuff and considered begging parents 2 subscribe 2 amazon prime so we can order lots of ingredients w/o me having 2 wait 4 them 2 go 2 the store or make me go w them
- Got scratched bc I left Tawny on her pillow 4 a minute and she got scared being out of my arms so she jumped on my shoulder and it Hurt also made friends w a family of spiders w longe legs
- Started watching Orange is the new Black w my mom again and we started over bc she 4got everything that happened and she keeps not wanting 2 watch it but I wanna watch it!!!!!
- Brushed my baby boy and also Tawny and they both loved it and Tawny squirmed around and basically layed on my face and ALSO CARLA GOT ADOPTED and I was there when it was happening and she was crying in her carrier on the floor so I went on the floor and talked to her and touched her lil face and she calmed down and got happy also I think a kitty named Midnight got adopted but I didnt rly know him but still Happeh
- Actually woke up on my own w/o my dad waking me up? What is going on?!?!?!?!
- Had a good time....................

THATS WHAT U MISSED ON GLOOMY! I WILL WORK ON COMMS 2DAY I WAS GONNA LAST NIGHT BUT I FELT OUT OF IT SO I DIDTN ALSO I WANTED 2 WATCH SUBBED ANIME SO I COULD NOT DRAW...but I will now I think I am going 2 hmm Idk wat dubbed anime I wanna watch there r a few I wanna watch on Crunchyroll I think Im gonna watch....I think Im gonna watch Digimon ok bai

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