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:icondhelmise:dhelmise posted a status
I dont even know how 2 express this but I love my pokemon so much no 1 understands I love them so so so much,ahghdhfh....ah. Ahhhh

I am gonna hug my boy n maybe read or sleep Idk 2day was bad but Ill wake up early 2morrow and get work done n maybe also draw fun atuff Idk...Im not burnt out of comms at all actually but I just have ideas 4 pics n..Yeah

I just feel so weird like not bad anymorw but surreal somehow.....all thats rly keeping me feeling ok in this moment is them and also my cats and just animals in general and pokemon in general I feel so much more at home w them than humans humans r scary but animals r not

I fewl like Im gonna cry now bye Gloomy        out

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