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:icondhelmise:dhelmise posted a status
I bought a marshadow plushie off ebay hjgakdkskakgd Im so excited...I already sort of know wat my marshadow will b like I can Feel it...I dont know what Ill name her yet when I get her officially...gotta fight that temptation 2 name her Marshy...........I hope her and the boy become friends.....also w Tommy and the other children.........hsfjhs ghosts

Also I was about 2 spend over 40 dollars buying the rest of the re zero LNs but 4 some reason paypal didnt let me buy an amazon card 2 pay 4 it with so I could Not and Im glad bc I need 2 save that money there r a lot of games coming out soon >_<....(AND I havent even startrdd the first book) Never let me have my own money or else I will spend it all on stuff i dont need

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