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:icondhelmise:dhelmise posted a status
Mrhrghhghgh (I wouldnt read this if ur rly squeamish it isnt rly bad but it might bother some ppl)

I think my rib did a Bad thing think I posted here that when I was having rly bad lower back/side pain it was bc 4 of my ribs were "out of place" and my doctor fixed it but now it seems like its become a regular thing and theyre gonna keep doing the thing that needs 2 b fixed...bc 1 came "out of place" again yesterday and they fixed it but I found out what "out of place" meant and its rly gross gjsfg

but uhh apparently 4 of my "floating ribs" which I think r like ribs that r...not connected 2 the...sternum or whatever Idk aanything about anatomy or the human body but ANYWAY the 4 of them were "out of place"and 2day earlier only 1 of them was out of place but he fixed it but anyway out of place apparently means they pop out of their sockets and then it causes terrible terrible pain in my sides and back and head and it wasnt so bad yesterday but it was sooo bad like last week and theyre closed 2morrow so he cant fix it 2morrow if it gets bad and Im gonna die if it gets bad 2morrow and like I couldnt do ANYTHING when it was so bad and Im worried Im not gonna b able 2 draw

Even sleeping was hard 2 do bc it hurt so bad at this rate I feel like Im gonna need surgery after all...weve been doing physical therapy 4 months now 2 get my back better but now this rib thing is starting and that seems like its gonna become a big issue now and so now its not even just my spine but my ribs 2 ;__; Why Me this is so gross It gives me a gross feeling knowing my rib is just floating around in there out of its socket thats almost worse than the pain itself

I think I figured out what causes it bc every time its happened so far I think Ive been laying on my side on the couch like propped up by pillows but thats like...a comfy position 4 me bc it hurts 4 me 2 lay on my back so on my side is the only real way????? and I guess that may make it pop out...ew...urg

So Im probly gonna have 2 go out on saturday or somethign 2 go 2 the doctor 2 get it fixed and Im exhausted from going out 4 a few hours 2day so I need a long time 2 recover I hate going out I hate having a body y is my body messed up!!! :(

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