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:icondhelmise:dhelmise posted a status
I updated my 2 do list and its all organized nao I like It..also Im working on a comm and I think it looks cute gjsdkf Im trying 2 improve....and its fun 2 do linear tnow IDK why...also 2day was goodish mainly the end/middle when I got 2 talk 2 my gf yhaguahguahgauh ALSO also I had 2 tell my therapist. what a furry/fursona is she is actually a good therapist I was crying during therapy and I was apologizing and she kept saying it was ok and stuff and she also let me lay down on the couch and she let me use a blanket wtih polar bears on it it was Nice

2 morrow maybe I will go 2 my grandmas and work on MORE ART I wanna do my own art 2 but I feel bad 4 making ppl wait so long 4 their comms bc I work so slow

and Now I will eat my snacky and go 2 bed....and wake up early and play Sploon

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