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:icondhelmise:dhelmise posted a status
2morrow I have therapy and I 4got 2 do my homework again I was supposed 2 draw myself as version of me so basically Is she asking me 2 make a fursona..

Also I might see my baby kitten 2morrow w my mom if she can wake me up on time bc then I gotta go 2 tehrapy so IDK if Ill even have time 2 do my homework!!! Waughhhh!!!! OH well she didnt get mad at me last time 4 forgetting 2 do it altho she said "grr" and I got scared she was mad so I asked if she was mad and then she said no but........y u say grr then...!!!!

ALSO Ive been playing the new mario game (the rabbids one) and its so cute I love Rabbid Peach shes my dauighter shes silly.....but alas I mostly just want 2 play botw....I will go 2 bed soon tho...and stop playing...........after cookies....

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