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It was a quiet evening in the House of the Seventh Paradise, the traders in the city's market district had yet to complete their work but Mistress Isenjen knew they were coming all the same.  This was the seventh and final night of the Great Mercantile Festival and the visitors newly flush with coin would be eager to spend it before returning home to distant parts of The Empire. 

She looked out on the mostly empty room and watched Andsig idly practice a new routine on the dance pole in the center of the room.   She remained oblivious to the patron watching her, just as she remained oblivious to Dasa and Beota trading gossip in the corner behind her.

The girl, an emigrant from the harsh North, had just turned seventeen. It was another year before the law allowed her to see patrons in the private rooms but she still earned her way through the world, dancing for men eager to look upon her fair skin and golden hair, rather exotic in these parts and serving their food and drink.   A fever had claimed her family two summers earlier and so she wandered in, mistaking the ornate building for a temple where she might take shelter for an evening or two- The Mistress allowed her this and gave her work shortly thereafter. 

There were a few others- she looked right to see Solee negotiating a price with a young man here for his first time and Ro, staring into the soft lamplight as she simply waited.   

Mistress Isenjen waited too-  it wasn't long before sunset and her other girls had yet to arrive.   
They will be here... let them have their fun in the marketplace before they allow their guests to have theirs...

One man had just a little bit too much fun already- the drunk had stumbled in and Insenjen allowed him to stay- he would no doubt be hungry when he woke and she would give him little choice but to pay for a meal. 

The other girls arrived only a few minutes later and scattered around the room.

The sun set, the moon rose and the first men began to enter.

Mistress Isenjen clapped her hands twice to call them all to attention. 

"I have only one question for you girls. Are you ready to earn your money?"