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By DHackTrix
the whole time i had an image in my head of how my OC would look like if she becomes a titan =p
well i really don't want to copy the typical half faced art of Eren with his titan
but mostly he's drawn with his face and then the reflection of the sword performs the titan face :D

i really hope you still like it ^^

Eruke Ichigo (c) :icondhackwings:

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Nope ,i'm not into that
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Dang... I wanted your shifter to meet mine
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Eheheh well this artwork was made years ago, so i'm not into the anime anymore, sowwy
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The anime is still going. They just made a new game too
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Ye i try to keep up with the new episodes, if they come out, i still love the anime ofcourse,
A game, that's cool
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It's based on the second season, make your own characters and play the characters and gain skills such as being annie and transform or Reiner
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Ooohh sounds very cool, glad they made a game
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This remember me Reizy) Why?Giggle 
 Work very nice! 
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This pic' is just freaking amazing ! How many times did it took ? owo 

Probably one of the best SNK's OC over *^* ♥
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awww thank you ^^ well i drew this 4 years ago so i can't remember how long it took xDD
thank you for the compliment on my OC! :dummy:
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No problem ! xDD 
You're welcome my friend ! :D 
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Her hair is too long. It would get caught in the 3dmg gear realistically.
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i know that ,alot of people told me already ,it's an old design so i don't really bother with it anymore, but i did had a design of her with her hair tied up
i don't think someone is dumb enough to go fight with such long hair with that kind of hair, so obviously she ties it up :V
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this is this is some of the best art work I have ever seen.
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aww thank you very much! ^w^
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My OC's Titan form looks similar to yours, with the long brown hair and such. But she has blue eyes and her uscle pattern is a little different. But anyway, good job!
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very nice ^^ and thank you C:
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Hatsune Miku-06 (Smile)No, Thank YOU for sharing such great art!

And yeah, my Titan's been dubbed  "the Weeping Titan", because the muscle lining under her eyes makes it look like she has tears trailing down cheeks and the skin/muscle by her lips makes her look like she's frowning. XD, her scream/roar sounds like she's weeping/grieving like a moan of sadness) Lol XD
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oooooooooh that sounds very nice! ^^
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Aww, thank you! Huggle! 
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That is so awesome
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