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By Dh-Rider
Picture of the city of Ottawa. It was a beautiful day today. Hurried up to get my camera...

... and yes, it's the moon.

Here is the exact place I took the picture, at the edge of the rock. At the South-East you can see the parlemental hill and the parlement: [link]


''First thing is the sky was really clear and the blue sky was still perceptible. So I wanted have a nice long exposure so the color would be popping out more.
The trick was to have a higher F.Stop (f/22) so I could have a longer exposure (30seconds), that is also why the moon is glowing like the sun: I thought it would give a special effect to the picture.

All the light is comming from the center of the picture, so the top and the bottom of it will be darker (gradient overlay effect) emphasized a little with photoshop.

I hope my english is clear.. so that's how I made this picture!''


EDIT: New version, parlement alot clearer, and other buildings a little.
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1201x591px 382.8 KB
Shutter Speed
300/10 second
Focal Length
18 mm
Date Taken
Oct 6, 2006, 7:06:27 PM
© 2006 - 2021 Dh-Rider
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KawaiiFriendlyDrawer's avatar
I knew what Ottawa is beautfiul
Dh Rider, could I use your image in an information session for a charity here in Ottawa?
OhioErieCanalGirl's avatar
Some day I hope to live there.
TofuTheKittyKat's avatar
It always shocks me when I drive past that very place; even though I've lived in this city m whole life. It never fails to catch me in its beauty. Wonderful shot. ~
Brown---Eyes's avatar
Been on that exact spot.
Beautiful city. <3
EquinoxToDeath's avatar
Woah, never saw Ottawa in such a beautiful state. This is totally one of my favorites.
B-manYoshi's avatar
Amazing! No where else I'd rather live!
blahetc's avatar
Amazing shot!!

Thanks for providing the location in Google Maps; great courtesy! :)
Fhenael's avatar
hey, i featured that on my blog: [link]
your credits are on it,
i hope that's ok for you, message me if not!
greatday4awalk's avatar
Looking from left to right, the buildings kind of go through a progression of time.
This is such a pretty picture!
Dh-Rider's avatar
Thank you!I had never saw that. Great observation!
seedz's avatar
real nice work! great location! i'll have to check it out.
meowmix22's avatar
I enjoy this greatly.
Lucy-art's avatar
your photo is featured here: [link]

GORGEOUS, absolutley beautiful. Makes me wish I lived there. Boy am I proud that's our capital though, breathtaking.
Dh-Rider's avatar
Thank you for this kind comment :D!
DenisSavoie's avatar
Popping colour.
Very hot.
shannon-the-toaster's avatar
Oh my god.
I've lived in Ottawa my whole life and I've never seen it look that beautiful.
Dh-Rider's avatar
Haha! You have to look from the right angle! :D
molten-fire-and-ice's avatar
Oooo gorgeous!! What a beautiful cityscape
ohconspiracy's avatar
j'avais pas réaliser que tu parlais francais :P

Dh-Rider's avatar
Merci, c'est vraiment gentils!
ohconspiracy's avatar
Pas de problème!
ohconspiracy's avatar
ah finally someone who can capture the real beauty of our city.

great work.
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