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Neil Gaiman Presents 'A Calendar of Tales'

Neil Gaiman Neil Gaiman asked fans around the world to help him tell a new kind of story. A few weeks, thousands of Tweets, twelve stories and a galaxy of art later, 'A Calendar of Tales' was born. It's now ready for the world to see as a beautiful digital book. Have a look, see who contributed, or watch Neil's videos to find out more about the making of 'A Calendar of Tales.' A huge thank you is due to everyone who took part in this project. Your energy and imagination inspired Neil, and now, can inspire the world. To celebrate the completion of 'A Calendar of Tales,' we're introducing a brand new Profile Page badge. Immerse yourself in a

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Poor Ukraine...

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Revolutionary War Ame-kun~

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Axis Powers Hetalia: Japan Shimeji


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Victorian Circus - Rain2

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NordicsxLittle!Reader INTRO

A mother was running through the blizzard of Finland, in her hands a small child, no more than four months old. She couldn't care for her like a mother should her husband was abusive. She was running away from him at the moment she tried to keep her pregnancy a secret from him by running away from him. At first she had the pregnancy without him there she had the baby in the homeless shelter, she had to leave, he found her. Now she was running from him she was not going to let him touch her baby even if it means she has to give her away. She was running tired, beaten, and scared for her child. She had to leave her baby on a door step. She ran

Nordic X Child Reader

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