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January 27, 2012
Lambda by ~dginia
Featured by DpressedSoul
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Holga 120GCFN - Kodak Portra 400VC

great thx to you people!

Abstract and Surreal DDs for January : [link]

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Your great work featured here :)
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thk so much :)
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really cool!
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Wonderful, congratulations! :)
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thx to you!!
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Hmmm that makes me think of Aphex Twin :)
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Cool, one of my favorite! you're right, one can see this, and i'm maybe influenced by those logo afterall
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Hehe I bet :) He's very good !
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Thx all! don't forget: no matter if someone see the half-life in there no prob, if you see some japaneese inside, cool.
The main thing is: take it easy...don't try to force other to see what you see, let others to see what they want , they may see something intersting too ;)
After all this is just a picture made with a toy camera of some parking grounds :D
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Alright people, I'm just going to make it clear that this probably has nothing to do with Half Life... Which, according to what I've heard, is supposed to be some sort of video game. This is what the title implies: lambda. So what is lambda? Let me educate you. Lambda (λ) is the eleventh letter of the Greek alphabet. The uppercase form (Λ) is also commonly used. However, the lambda portrayed here is obviously lowercase. A lambda is generally used to represent the sound of the English letter, L. One of the most iconic uses of the lambda in history is the use of the Spartans in painting capital lambdas on their shields. This was because at the time, Spartans called themselves the Lacedaemonians, which, transliterated (converted into a different alphabet) into Greek starts with a lambda. Thus, it was a symbol of the Spartans.


...The more you know, I guess...
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Sorry, all I read here was: "Alright people... this has to do with Half Life..." :D
Lol, just kidding.
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Very interesting... just framing road stripes completely changed their appearance and significance. I have shared you on Tumblr, with credit and links back to this page. [link]
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i saw it and thought lambda scrolls mouse over shits pants
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:iconiapproveplz: In all seriousness, though, pictures of asphalt always seem to have an awesome texture to them.
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