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Serpent Whips

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This is a collaborative piece that was created for the 2012 Zoids Contest Arena.


I provided the original photo of the model in its pose, and the wonderful staff were able to turning it into a thrilling action scene. It was an honor to be entered into the contest, but I have to say, getting your custom depicted in such a way is a definite bonus.

The Serpent Whips are the Lyunsailung's signature weapons, much in the same vein as the Strike Laser Claws of the Liger Zero and the Berserk Fury's Buster Claws.

Constructed of a heavy alloy cable, each whip is tipped with a sharpened anchor blade that can be fired from each of the Lyunsailung's arms.

Once the deployed, the Serpent Whips are capable charging with ionized plasma, capable of cutting most smaller zoids in two with a single blow. It can also bind more heavily-armored zoids while shorting out their systems as the raw heat and electricity slowly melt their way through the target.

The Serpent Whips have the distinction of being notoriously difficult and dangerous to use to the untrained, but virtually unstoppable to the unprepared. The limber nature of the whips allow them wrap around most energy shields or blades, and still strike the enemies hiding behind them.
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that zoid looks awsome!