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OSM-51 Fladra

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As with all my customs, this Gunpla was built using Pure Kitbash and features ZERO glue or resins.  Take it from me, this custom is awesome to behold in person, but I had a hell of a time trying to make it look good with photography.  I hear Abraham Lincoln had the same problem.

My personal unit for Gunpla Battles, this mobile suit has a deliberate bestial aesthetic that translates to enhanced combat capabilities, especially in the areas of agility and speed, while still retaining human-like proportions to excel in physical combat.  Only 50% of the parts used are from Gunpla kits, but despite being banned from tournaments, the Fladra is still able to dominate in unofficial matches thanks to a tiny Plavsky Crystal hidden in its chest jewel.  The particles are thus distributed across the entire body in sort of a proto-RG system specified purely for mobility rather than increased power.  These particles may also be focussed out of the Driver Wings on its back for controlled flight and even hovering through the atmosphere as well as space.

The Fladra is equipped with four shoulder-mounted funnels that are never used, because screw funnels, while its long-range armorments consist of a high-powered plasma rail launcher on its right arm and a 90mm Gatling Gun in its chest.  Twin beam sabers are mounted on a holder on the Fladra's right hip, while its left hip holsters the Mirage Katana-- a modified Ama-no-Habakiri from the Astray Mirage Frame 2nd Issue.  This weapon features an integrated adaptation system that is shared with the Mirage Stinger on the unit's tail.  Not to be overlooked are the gold-plated claws of the Fladra itself.  Although they are perfectly capable of tearing through armor on their own, they can also be temporarily infused with Plavsky Particles for enhanced cutting and punching power.
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shinigami-bobStudent Writer
What a unique Gunpla! :O Looking at the side-bar, I see a lot of Zoids in the, "More from DGDSND01," and your love for them definitely comes out primed and ready in your Gunpla. It's honestly incredibly inspiring and is one of the more unique and interesting pieces I've seen uploaded here. You said there was zero glue or resins used? Did the pieces just conveniently fit, or did you have some other method of adhesion? 
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I wouldn't say convenient, there was a good deal of trial & error involved, lol.  But the short answer is, it is held together because the pieces all fit together.  I'm really glad you enjoy it so much.  Thank you.
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shinigami-bobStudent Writer
Honestly, it gave me quite a lot of inspiration for the kit I'm working on now. I'm building a Martial Arts kit designed to work with the martial arts I'm personally familiar with (Kendo and Boxing. I'm a weird guy, don't ask), but I was sticking to traditional Gunpla Building and Kitbashing as far as movement and style, but your kit inspired me to be more adventurous! It's truly a fantastic piece.