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Dark Spiner Double-Diplo

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Dark Spiner Double-Diplo (Triple-D)
Mass: 165.5 tons
Height: 15 meters
Length: 22.3 meters
Max Speed: 490 kph
Weapons: 70mm Rail Canon (2), D-Breakers (2), Electron Fang, Double Barreled Cannon, Strike Smash Tail
Equipment: Diplo-Jammer Fin, Dual Wing Binder (2), High-Output Ion Booster (2)

As an Alpha-class Fuzor, the Triple-D uses the entirety of its subordinate fusion partners, granting it incredible power, even by fuzor standards.  Because more than two zoids are involved, the fusion is also stable enough to maintain itself for near-indefinite durations.  It is able to retain most of its defining electronic warfare abilities and can now achieve limited flight.  The greatest gain in this partnership is speed and unrivaled agility.  It’s melee offensive and defensive capabilities are also improved.

70mm Rail Cannon x2
These shoulder-mounted weapons can move independently and have a 45 degree angle of inclination. Due to the nature of the fusion, they actually pack a far greater punch than the caliber would suggest.

Double-Barreled Cannon
This weapon on the Dark Spiner’s chest remains unchanged. While fairly powerful, its accuracy is limited to mid-range.

Electron Fang
The jaws of the Dark Spiner charge with energy to give the teeth additional penetrating power and deliver a devastating shock to the enemy.

Strike Smash Tail
By whipping its tail at high speed, the Triple D can swat even medium sized zoids like insects.

Diplo-Jammer Fin
Although not as powerful as the original Jammer fin, this new weapon is much more durable and still offers the same level of jamming capability as a Dimetrodon. On top of that, the Triple-D can still generate a defensive I-field.

D-Breakers x2
Mounted on each arm, the armored “masks” of the Diploguns serve as physical shields. The Diplo-cutters are still useable and able to charge with laser energy. Their placement makes it difficult for enemies to predict where the next strike is coming from. Finally, each D-Breaker retains its ability to propel themselves at opponents up to 50 meters away before the self-guidance system docks it back to the Triple-D’s arms.

Dual Wing Binders x2

While these small wings definitely contribute to the Triple-D’s speed, their primary function is to give stability and maintain superior maneuverability, even at high speeds. Even agile Ligers will find it hard to out-flank this fuzor. They also allow the Dark Spiner to attain limited flight capabilities.

High-Output Ion Boosters x2
Mounted on either side of the Diplo-Jammer Fin is a powerful booster that serves as the primary source of the Dark Spiner’s newfound speed. Each one delivers roughly 50 kph of thrust.
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cody8808Hobbyist General Artist
This is a kick-ass custom! I love it and I love the fact that it is a custom of my favorite ZOID, Dark Spiner!! 
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OzzlanderHobbyist General Artist
thats a really cool mount job love it