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It has been awhile, too long to be honest. The reason for it a story for another time. Currently putting a short story featuring what happen next after the end of The Mysterious Cellar Dweller. I will showcase here and/or there in the near future.

I still make comics, such as This EMPIRE  er it just right now adjusting to shifts in the multiverse 

Thank you for viewing this gallery, back to making comics


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Small upload this week; some comics from This EMPIRE  In which I work on stand-alone stories, and some overarching character development.  Yeah check it :)
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Corrected some previous submissions, and uploaded some work from the my online comic "This EMPIRE"  Th… latest upload was the third story arc "Worlds Collide"…, capping off my first year of getting backing to making comics since my days at university.

Thank you for viewing,
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....Pardon the long break on submissions but work does continue on comics, sketching, drawing...

Feel free to check out the gallery for the achem; creative process, comics, pin-ups, and other shenanigans. More to come, hopefully working on a more regular schedule :)

Thank you for viewing, and reading.
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Season Premiere 'This EMPIRE'

Wed Oct 28, 2009, 9:02 PM
It's Wednesday - "My weekly comic book romance"
Okay, okay it's another anything can happen Thursday.

April 1999 was the ending of The Mysterious Cellar Dweller

October 2009 was the launch of This EMPIRE.

"So what was going on the past 10 years?"  That is a story for another time.  Let me rephrase that, for me that is a story for another time.  What happen to the characters from The Mysterious Cellar Dweller to This EMPIRE that will be told as the story progress.

Feel free to check out the gallery for the achem; creative process, comics, pin-ups, and other shenanigans.   

Thank you for reading.


2009 EMPIRE Building
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Pre-production log 006

Wed Jul 1, 2009, 11:38 PM
It's Wednesday - "My weekly comic book romance"
Achem, let me rephrase that It’s Thursday – “Anything Can Happen Thursday”

Pardon the late post... Give or take 8 days later.

June topic of interest: Ideaspace

"Man, that sounds exactly like my ____."

Well when you finish reading the initial story for This EMPIRE you might swear I candy picked the idea from several areas.  I can't really say no, but I...

Like Brandon Thomas of Fiction House… can blame Ideaspace.

Simply put by Mr. Ellis:

According to Warren Ellis' Bad Signal e-mail newsletter, "Alan Moore has this notion that inspiration lives in an ethereal morphogenic field he terms "ideaspace", and that we all have access to it. The field has its own weather, and predominant conditions in the field affect the culture. This is why bunches of similar ideas appear at the same time—it's the weather of ideaspace."

You guys all know I carry rather passionately my sketch book.  Doting odd things, sketching, whatever I thought of, seen or heard. Well stuff adds up.

Niall & Jamal return was always going to start with a morning after theme, and be a somewhat recurring story point or gag (depending my schedule).  

Alan Moore, Gods & Ideaspace
Thought I'd share some of my recent thoughts.

Piercing Ideaspace Along the Continuity Breakers
By Brandon Thomas…

Ambidextrous: Original Ideas and Influences
By Brandon Thomas | Posted: 2008-09-03 17:19:00 ET |…

Comic of interest:
"Well, we all saw that coming" Champ Nigtengale

"Simply put, Invincible #63 is a shocking one, not from some held back reveal that promised to rock the comic book community to its core, but in how that story plays out in the pages.  Truly dynamic storytelling and art, make this a must read issue for anyone interested in what is going on in the Image Universe, and a can't miss issue for Invincible fans." Stephen Schleicher

INVINCIBLE WAR: AFTERMATH, "Conquest part three"
Writer: Robert Kirkman, Penciler: Ryan Ottley, Inker: Cliff Ratburn, Colors: FCO Plascencia

You can their work here:
Robert Kirkman
Ryan Ottley
Cliff Ratburn
FCO Plascencia

We knew it going to happen when reading the book… we knew for months just by the advertised cover solicitation. But when it happens I still couldn't turn the page to see the outcome. I wanted things to be different.  Where is the reset button on this comic book? - Champ Nightengale

Soldiering on

Champ Nightengale

2009 EMPIRE Building
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Pre-production log 005

Tue May 26, 2009, 8:07 PM
It's Wednesday - "My weekly comic book romance"

"Each time I sit down to work on a comic, I feel like I have to teach myself to draw all over again."
Kazu Kibushi, Boltcity

The comic page size is 9" by 12" with the image print area being 8" by 11" using the lovely Strathmore Bristol paper. I hope to go up 11" by 17" print area 10" by 15" which means bigger scanner (on my wish list).  During my days at university the strips had an image size of 5" x 15."

There is sometimes an intermediate step between the thumbnail process and the layout you see above to make sure I have the panels laid out correctly, how the characters and dialogue fits.  But this strip has been in my head for so long, I even once tried to do this as a holiday card.

The panels are drawn first to some form of exact measurements, but I might mid-way during this process change something (panels sequence, characters, settings, etc.) So I can't stay too rigid, there always room for a little detour to happen. Henceforth the use of a non photo blue pencil and a lot of construction lines to get everything in working order.

After this I move on to pencils and inks, but that's next time or something else.

The process describe here could be consider quite archaic, now a days most the hipsters use tablet devices; Wacom, or the awesome Manga Studio to draw their strips on the computer.  But there is still something about the original artwork. In the end there is now special tool, just do something you are passionate about.

Final remark, from time to time I will need to blackout items on the page in order not to spoil the final strip.

This month’s web comic to consider is Keith Knight "The K Chronicles," Today he was feature on NPR's The Story with Dick Gordon

While you are there be sure to check out the Dick Gordon interview with Rupa Marya "One True Conversation" about her desire to be both a musician and a doctor.  The parallel career path, can it be done?

Write what you know, and what you want to know.

Feel free to send me links to your favorites.
Click me...

Picard and Chuck by dgcordon

2009 EMPIRE Building
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Pre-production log 004

Wed Apr 29, 2009, 8:18 PM
It's Wednesday - "My weekly comic book romance"

Okay it's Thursday a day later than expected...

Things are under way of putting this together. The month was spent working out story ideas, and casting for the comic.  The casting (drawing part) will be an ongoing thing. I suspect/want as I get more into drawing the strip the art will evolve and improve for the better. Story ideas are always floating around I just need to make sure I have pencil/pen, and paper around to capture them for later.

I generally start each strip with mix of thumbnails and random notes which you see that has been uploaded for this month's log. As for writer's block, I like how Brian Wood sums up how to get through it.

A fan asked about how Wood overcomes writer's block. Wood told the fan to put himself in a place were he won't pay rent or eat and see how writer's block will be overcome.

Write what you know and what you want to know.

Daily comic of interest "Lowbright" actually this link is not to web comic but to the online gallery of one my favorite cartoonists (yes I actually use this word now) Derek Kirk Kim. His most recent work is "The Eternal Smile" written by the talented Mr. Gene Yang take a look at both these sites.

Feel free to review and comment.

Now time to go make some comics.

2009 EMPIRE Building
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Pre-production log 003

Tue Mar 31, 2009, 9:08 PM
It's Wednesday - "My weekly comic book romance"

"Casting can be a very time-consuming process. Casting is the art behind the art, and it requires an eye and a deep feel for talent or the "just the one" intuitive perception of that one thespian who is the perfect choice to fill that one role in the project." (Amended from the definition of film casting)

Now designing / updating those characters, oh dear. Each step will get better than the last. But man, those first steps can be painful.

As you know the cast center on Jamal and Niall but from there will be a second tier, and a third tier characters to help the story. This is going to be odd.  For Niall, he knows a lot people but really the number who are his true friends, well that will be explored in the strip. For Jamal he's new to area, so he needs to go exploring.  This will also be a great opportunity to flush out what happen to the guys respective families, and where are they now.

Write what you know and what you want to know.

Daily comic of interest "Penny Arcade" &nb… I first read this strip I was very snobbish to their work, and I take it all back. Man these guys are spot on.

Feel free to review and comment.

Now time to go make some comics.

2009 EMPIRE Building
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Pre-production log 002

Tue Feb 24, 2009, 7:47 PM
It's Wednesday - "My weekly comic book romance"
As you know I want to start a web comic later this year.

So in the meantime the deviantART page will serve a log of pre-production art for the comic, and miscellaneous work. Considering "pre-production" usually means the project has been developed and is greenlit. I got some work to do.

Uploaded are illustrations for chapter, and footer headings. They are for the collected work of the college comic strip, The Mysterious Cellar Dweller. This work has been off and on for quite some time.

Feel free to review and comment.

Now time to go make some comics.

2009 EMPIRE Building
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