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Hi everyone,

our fellow Deviant guardian46w has uploaded in his Gallery some stories related to my recent posts in the Bishop gallery.

Here they're (newest first order):

Monday Night Gameby “Nob”
Illustrations by Robert Bishop
Originally Published in Hogtie Vol. 2, No. 10

Transcribed and converted to HTML by guardian46w; Artwork from Hunter Rose's scans posted by DFx802b
Story Codes: MM/ff, bdsm, cons, couples, naked, cuffs, leather, harness gags, pierced, display, X

Jason parked the car, got our bags from the trunk, and opened the door on my side.  He unsnapped the cuffs clamping my ankles to the base of the seat.  I swung around sideways so he could lock a 12-inch hobble between my booted ankles.

I stood up stiffly because of my tight-cinched corselet, and because my arms were strapped wrist-to-elbow behind me under my long leather cape.
"Goodness, I hadn't thought Monday-night traffic would be so bad," I commented casually.  "I hope the Spurwoods won't mind our being late."
related to

Mature Content

Bish0888 by DFx802b

In Controlby Gama
Originally published in Hogtie Vol. 4, No. 9

Scanned and Transcribed by guardian46w
Stories Codes: M/f, bdsm, slave, cons, whip, X

Upon the torture stage she stands
Her stockinged legs spread wide,
As, painfully bound and gagged, she waits
For the whip to be applied.
Dark stockings sheath her to the waist
A thick bar spreads her thighs,
And the gag stuffed deep into her mouth
Stifles the poor girl's cries.
A blindfold keeps the bitch in darkness
It turns her sight within
To visions of what the men will do
When her punishment begins
Her arms are bound behind her back
Elbows and wrists strapped tight
And so bent over she offers her ass
To the whiplash's sharp, cruel bite.
A dildo fills her hot, tight cunt
It makes her squirm and buck
It keeps her hot and wet and horny
It makes her want to fuck!
The whip sings out; it stings her
related to

Mature Content

Bish0867 by DFx802b

Captive On Iceby Gamma
Illustration by Robert Bishop
Originally published in an HOM Bondage Magazine, issue unknown

Scanned and Transcribed by guardian46w
Story codes: M/f, bond, bdsm, cons?, naked, boots, predict, armbinder, gag, blindfold, clamps, elect, punish, whip, X

What Michelle had done to deserve her punishment is not important.  Suffice it to say she deserved her bondage and discipline, and I'd seen to it that she would get plenty of both.
She was naked except for her knee-high leather boots.  A thick metal bar, strapped to her ankles, spread her legs wide.  Her arms were encased in a single leather glove and stretched up towards the ceiling.  A leather blindfold kept her in darkness, and ear plugs assured that she would suffer in silence.  That was the basis of her bondage.  But there was much, much more.
She stood, in her high-heeled boots, on two blocks of ice.  They were about six i
related to

Mature Content

Bish0865 by DFx802b

Mature Content

Bish0866 by DFx802b

A Shocking Waitby Gama
Illustration by ‘The Bishop’
Originally published in HOM's Knotty Vol. 4, No. 8

Transcribed and Scanned by guardian46w
Story codes: M/f, bdsm, predicament, gag, clamps, dildo, torment, shock, humiliation, XX

She stood, balanced, though just barely.  By force of will, the naked girl tried to remain absolutely motionless.  But to do that was almost impossible.  It was the point of her bondage, of course.
She stood erect, her legs spread wide by a metal bar strapped between her ankles forcing them apart.  Her arms were pulled behind her back, strapped together at her elbows and wrists, forcing her breasts forward.
Her long blonde hair cascaded down her bound arms all the way to her slim waist.  She was gagged, her mouth stuffed with a penis gag and covered by a thick leather strap.  Otherwise, she was completely nude.
That was the standard stuff, in and of itself arousin
related to

Mature Content

Bish0846 by DFx802b

Mature Content

Bish0847 by DFx802b

The Intoxicantby Gama
Illustration by BT
alternate illustration by The Bishop - Bish0842
Originally Published in Latent Image vol 6, no 3

Scanned and Transcribed by guardian46w
Story Codes: M/f, bond, naked, cuffed, spread,  sex, cons, x

There was no way that the girl could escape her situation. This she knew, and so did he. So there was no urgency to his questions, except that caused by his own lust. For her part the girl waited, resigned.
It was late afternoon, in the fall, and the sunlight shafted in through the attic window bright and golden. It fell upon the girl's lithe body, which shone with a fine sheen of sweat. Her position was strenuous, and she had been bound thus for quite some time.
She was spread-eagle, and she was naked. A broad, black gag turned her cries to muffled moans. A blindfold kept her in anxious darkness. Her wrists
 related to

Mature Content

Bish0842 by DFx802b

Mature Content

Bish0843 by DFx802b

Take care to read the other fabulous stories too!

Thanks again to him for his hard work! :-) (Smile)

Locker 1247

by Gamma

(from Hogtie 4/8)

*The locker room was all but deserted.  The sounds of the basketball game echoed from above, the crowd roaring as the home team scored again and again.  They were soundly beating and humiliating the visiting team-- Elaine's team.  She had been at the game for three quarters, dressed in her skimpy cheerleader outfit, yelling and jumping about for all she was worth, desperate to urge her team on to victory.  She had good cause too.  It was her turn to be offered as a gift to the winning team if her own team was beaten. She knew what she would be made to do. If they lost, her team would board the bus and go home. The night would be over for them. But for Elaine the night would just begin with their defeat.  And when it became clear, in the third quarter, that they would lose, her sorority sisters came for her. They escorted her off to the sidelines and out an exit.  Nobody even noticed, except the other cheerleaders who gave her knowing glances. Some showed sympathy, and others smiled cruelly.  Elaine hardly noticed.  She was in a blur of anticipation.  She only felt the firm grip of her escorts on her elbows as they led her down to the locker room--the home team's locker room.*

When the three girls arrived in the locker room, pungent with the smell of sweat, they led Elaine to a row of lockers in the rear. "Strip!" they commanded the beautiful blonde.  Under the bright lights of the locker room, they marveled at her beautiful body as it was slowly revealed as she shed her clothes.  First came her sneakers and socks, then her white sweater and mini-skirt.  She stood before them, clad only in her panties and bra.  She assumed the position, with her legs spread and her arms behind her back, her hands clasped together. The pose thrust her breasts forward until they bulged into her bra and seemed ready to explode through it.  Her dark nipples were evident enough beneath the thin, patterned silk.  Her nipples were becoming erect.  Nicole, one of her two escorts, walked slowly around Elaine, admiring her body.  It was all part of the game.  They had all seen each other naked around the sorority house, but now that Elaine was about to be offered as a sacrifice, the girls wanted her humiliation to be complete, so they toyed with her her, prolonging putting her into bondage.  The sounds of the game were loud in the empty locker room.  As she stood before the girls, scantily clad, her arms behind her, Elaine felt her cunt grow hot and wet. She had heard all about it from the other cheerleaders who had already been given to a winning team, and she knew that the evening would be long and arduous, but also filled with plenty of sex and enough bondage to satisfy her submissive desires.  In spite of her fear, she was becoming aroused. She felt it, and her captors sensed it.

Suddenly, Nicole reached out and hooked her fingers under the right cup of Elaine's bra and savagely tore it away.  The thin, patterned silk shredded, exposing her tit, its nipple erect with Elaine's arousal.  The left cup remained in place on her tit, and the partial nudity thus created was wonderfully erotic.

"Mmmmm, nice," Liz purred as she reached forward to cup Elaine's exposed breast, twirling the nipple between her fingers. Elaine arched at the touch, closed her eyes, and moaned.  She still stood, her legs spread, her arms behind her back, and her hands clasped. As Liz's hand caressed Elaine's tit, the other made its way slowly down the girl's chest and flat tummy, continuing until it reached the silk panties. Slowly, and very lightly, Liz stroked Elaine's pussy through the silk fabric, drawing louder and more heated moans from the girl.  Her breathing became more ragged as her arousal built. Then Nicole's hands joined Liz's at her crotch. Her panties were ripped to expose her cunt as both girls set to work on her.  The waistband of the panties still hugged Elaine's slim hips, but the rest hung in tatters about her loins.  She moaned and panted and forced herself to remain in position as the two vixens fondled her to the brink of climax but not over. Nicole and Liz were too skilled for that.  They had spent many dark, sweaty, passion-filled nights with Elaine, and they knew her responses well.  They played with her like a fine instrument, stopping the young coed just short of a thunderous climax.  They stopped and stood back. Elaine swayed, moaned, panted, and ground her hips into the air in lustful frustration.

She was ready. The crowd in the gym screamed and yelled. The home team buried the visitors as the fourth quarter began. There were still twelve minutes to play, but the outcome was a foregone conclusion.

Nicole and Liz guided Elaine towards locker number 1247.  They opened the metal door.  Liz pulled out a black leather penis-gag and proceeded to shove it into Elaine's mouth while Nicole went off to fetch something in the weight room.

Bish0816 by DFx802b

She returned as Liz finished buckling the gag tight.  Nicole held a two and half foot metal bar in her hands, grinning mischievously at Elaine.  The two girls next pushed Elaine into the locker, then down on her knees. As she knelt in the cold metal locker, she was still throbbing with arousal as the girls strapped the bar between her spread knees.  She shivered at the touch of the cold metal and moaned as she felt Nicole reach around to bind her ankles together. Liz next strapped Elaine's elbows and wrists together with thick leather straps, totally immobilizing the blonde cheerleader.  A final touch was a black leather collar. Cords ran from either side to the shelf in the locker, pulling Elaine's body taut and erect.

Bish0817 by DFx802b

helpless in a locker in the men's locker room, it seemed as if they were cheering her subjugation.  She bit down on the gag and looked up at Nicole and Liz, who stood with their hands on their hips looking down at her. Both girls smiled. From their looks Elaine knew there was more in store for her.  There was.  Much more.

It was a dildo--thick and black, attached to straps.  "Lotsa blacks on the team, Elaine," Liz said.  "Thought this would get you in the mood." Liz knelt and just grazed Elaine's exposed pussy with the tip of the rubber dildo.  Spread as she was, with her knees lashed to the weight bar, Elaine couldn't bring her legs together to prevent the dildo's penetration.  And her earlier arousal made that easy.  With maddening calculation, Liz pushed the dildo into Elaine's cunt. Slowly, inch by inch, the thick cock was buried to the hilt in the girl's open sex.  She writhed and moaned with the penetration, shaking her head until her blonde mane lay in a tangle about her neck and shoulders.  Her shoulders banged the sides of her metal prison, but nothing she did interfered with the oozing penetration of the dildo.

When it was in all the way to its flared base, Liz held Elaine's hips steady while Nicole buckled the straps.  One went around her waist.  From it a strap went straight down her belly, through a notch in the dildo, and up the cleft of her ass to buckle at the small of her back.  Tightened, the strap pulled the dildo even deeper into the captive coed's loins, drawing a long, low moan from her.  The strap rubbed against the clit and ass, the dildo filling her cunt.  Her bondage kept her motionless, and again the crowd roared.  They were cheering yet another score for the home team, but they might as well have been cheering on Elaine, who had given into the sensations assaulting her and had started to come.

Nicole and Liz stood and watched, transfixed, as Elaine climaxed, shaking her head and biting down on the penis gag until drool spilled out from the corners of her mouth, dripping onto her heaving tits. The shiny saliva stained the fabric of the bra on her left tit and dripped obscenely off the erect nipple of her right breast.  The violence of her sudden orgasm was held in check by her strict bondage.  She rocked back and forth, her shoulders banging the sides of the locker.  She wailed and threw her head back as another spasm hit.

Her orgasm lasted for several minutes.  It left her limp and defeated, her blonde pussy hair coated with the fluids of her come.

"Well, well, dear, that was quite a show," Nicole cooed. "Too bad it wasn't on center court.  You sure are getting yourself lubed up for those big black studs." Elaine lifted her head from her chest and looked up at the girls.  Liz was holding a basketball.

"So tell me," Liz said, "how are you at ball control?" Elaine answered the question with a look of confusion.  She didn't understand.

"You see, it's like this," Nicole chirped in.  "We're gonna leave you here in this locker, and we're gonna stick this basketball between your legs, nestled right up against your little cunt.  You should be able to grip it with your thighs. At least I hope so. Then we're gonna close the locker door--not latch it, just close it. It'll stay closed, and no one will know you're here as long as you keep the ball between your legs.  But if you lose the grip, or if you come again and your legs get wetter, it'll slip out.  Only one place it can go--forward, into the door.  Let it go and it'll knock the door open."

"And then," Liz continued, "you'll be exposed.  You're a fucking sexy sight, bound as you are, and I don't think any man'll be able to resist you.  I'Il tell you, Elaine, these dudes may not be geniuses, but I'm sure they'll know what to do with a cunt like you!"

"Slam-dunk!" Nicole giggled.  "Stuff'n score!" Liz knelt, forcing the basketball between Elaine's splayed legs and up against the base of the dildo stuffed in her cunt. The wide ball forced her legs apart, and when Liz let go of the ball, Elaine's thighs closed on it.  She could keep it there, but just barely.  Her orgasm had slickened her crotch and thighs with her juices.  Now she regretted her earlier pleasures.  With her arms bound stringently behind her, her body was thrust forward in an obscene are.  One tit bulged against the silk of what remained of her bra.  The other thrust forward, its nipple erect.  Tattered fabric hugged her hips and hung loose around the straps in her crotch.  She looked up at Nicole and Liz with pleading eyes.  The girls just laughed and slowly swung the door closed.

"Bye-bye," Nicole whispered, leaving Elaine alone in the cold darkness of her metal cell--locker number 1247.  It was ten o'clock.

She willed herself to hold the ball.  She clenched her thighs tight against it.  This, of course, forced her muscles to contract on the dildo, pulling the rough strap against her clit.  The incessant noise of the crowd droned on in the darkness, and her panting breath seemed loud as it echoed back from the walls of the locker.  The musky smell of sweat, dirty socks, and towels burned in her nose.  She quivered.  She bit down on the gag.  She moaned.

The countdown did it.  The very end of the game.  The last thirty seconds.  In unison, twenty thousand people counted down from thirty seconds.  Her arousal had been building as it was, but when the count started, she felt they were cheering her towards her come.  It fueled the fires of her lust.  At twenty seconds, she bucked her loins forward, clenching the dildo and the basketball as if they were the cock and buttocks of a man fucking her.

With a wail of pleasure and desperation, Elaine rocketed towards a climax.  Her shoulders banged against the metal locker.  At ten seconds, she came violently.  Her body writhed and spasmed, her legs curling around the metal bar between her knees, her hands clenching the small of her back, her cry of release stifled by the thick rubber penis in her mouth.

"Four, three, two .  .  .  !" the crowd shouted, and in her small locker room prison, Elaine spasmed through her climax.  Her juices flowed from her cunt, over the straps and basketball onto her quivering thighs.

As time ran out on the game, the buzzer sounded and the basketball shot from Elaine's loins against the door of locker 1247. She was still climaxing hard, but her head snapped forward when she let the ball go.  She saw the door swing open.  The ball bounced onto the concrete floor and came to a rest a few feet from the locker.  The bright lights of the locker room flooded into the locker.

Bish0818 by DFx802b

The locker room door bust open, and twenty wild, cheering young men came thundering in.  The noise was incredible.  They yelled and howled and banged open the lockers.  It was 10:20 p.m.

Four rows from where the team had its lockers, another row stood silent.  Halfway down the row, one door was open--the door to locker number 1247.  Inside, an all but naked young woman was bound and gagged.  The last spasms of her orgasm still wracked her body. She was covered with a thin sheen of sweat.  Her breasts heaved with her panting breaths.  Her head was slumped onto her chest, her long blonde hair cascading down her shoulders and back.

One of the basketball players was dribbling a ball.  He lost control of it and it skittered off a bench, rebounding into a row of lockers. It bounced away from them, rolled down the aisle, and came to rest at the end of a row of unused lockers.  Another basketball lay in front of the open door of one locker.

Elaine's heart froze as she heard the player walking down the aisle to retrieve the ball.

The real ball game was about to begin!


Journal History


Welcome to my place on DA.

Altough liking very much and sincerely admiring the work of many of today's authors of bondage and fetish pics and drawings on DA and wider, I'm still a fan of 'the old ways' that work was done, as by the photographers and illustrators of the legendary House Of Milan magazines, directors and producers of the California Star, Bizarre Tri stars, s/m bizar and other productions during the '70s, '80s and '90s years of the past century.

Please note that I'm not the photographer or the scanner of what I'm posting here. I'm a collector who wish to share that parts of my collections that are free from copyright and that were, at my opinion, made by the best artists of that period. Its my tribute to them, and I hope other people here will recognize their talent and save their work for the posterity.


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xd thanks m8, 69 is quite the number lol
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But anyways - I´m impressed of your huge Bishop-collection (and your site as a whole). Bishop was indeed a must for everybody who was interested in BDSM - the Pope of BDSM so to speak ;-)
And by the way: thank you for all your comments and so ;-)
DFx802b Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2018
Thank you. DFx802b is here for the fifth year with me as well as my wife's legs bound and up in the air in my icon, and I like both ;)
Thanks for your appreciation of Bishop, my work in posting and my comments on your work, and let me add that your work is as original as Bishop's was.
As I always say... have fun :-)
JanVanh Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2018
It´s a pleasure! Thank you for such a huge compliment!
DFx802b Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2018
It's a pleasure for me to give it and you deserve it.
Today there are many artists on DA and wider depicting Bondage and BDSM scenes with different techniques. What most of them lack is originality and fresh ideas, but I find both of them in your work.
Keep up the awesome work and thank you! :-)
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AdrianeCasini Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2018
Thank you so so much for the kindness and Llama! Please feel yourself invited to take a look at my gallery anytime! Consider checking out my commission info, and watching me, so you can get a FREE ticket to my Art Raffle that will be coming this October!
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