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Blaster Master MA-01 WIP

My current Work In Progress of the battle vehicle from the NES classic Blaster master.
Sophia Nora MA-01

Done in blender.
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It'd be nice if they remade that game.
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wonderful! master blaster portrayed in 3d. This is really cool. btw they did make a second master blaster game for ps1 "Master Blaster Blasting Again" Check it out, i haven't beaten it yet same idea of the old games but in 3d.
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game was horrible... rooms to small load ti mes too long.. they should ave waited for ps2 or 3 to bring it out where the machiene cold handle the idea properly.
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NIIIICE! Its good to see a fellow blender user who likes Blaster Master. Check my profile, I'll have my model up there soonly.

You're definitely closer than I am... do ya think collaboration is in order?
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i havent toyed wiht those files in quite some time.. id love to get back into them some day.. perhaps some day i will.. who knows..
as for a colaberation.. your takign te toony style of the pictures used for BM2 it looks like.. mines taking off more in game data the book and gaps filled in with te toy and origional advertisments.. taken from blaster master undergoround... so a colabw iht 2 diferent styles woudletnwork out too well.
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Cool! This picture mede me happy! :D~~~~
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thats what art is for! to express and to appease!
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Sweet Goddess Athena O__O, nice exhaust system =D. I dont see many good Sophia's around or any in CG for that matter, a WIP indeed but so far its looking awesome already. Nice cockpit design; makes it look like it actually exists (wish it did...mow down a couple of people on my list >__>;; ). It looks a little plain as far as textures, maybe add some battle scars or pourus surface to make it look less like new and more like a real battle machine. I definately look forward to see this finished. Long live Sophia the 3rd! X3
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Oooooooooo.... I think it looks cool!!! :D Can I have a ride? X3
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when i get the chance to drive it youll be the first passanger!
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It looks great so far. Maybe some of the textures looks a little weird and 'unreal", but as it's a WIP I suppose you'll fix that :)

Always great to see some blender users on DA.
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its definatly a work in progress.. as for the unreall textures... im supposing your refering to the ice and the mountains as the vehicle dont have any...
the ice itself is meant to be like the ice you normally see covering a lake when it starts to freeze over.. its wet and clear for the most part.. but its also starting to collect snow in others.

the mountains.. ive not been able to yet get them to look right.

the vehicle.. being alien technology found by humans was meant to look a lil surreal.

but.. my hard drives in failure so its burned to a dvd and put on hold till my frive can start to manage to not corrupt save files after a few days...
but im still blending.. just.. fast. small.. projects. :P
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