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Commision Info

=======Bust===Half-Body===Full body====Concept
Lineart:      $4             $7               $10              $15
Flats:         $7             $10              $12              $20
Shaded:    $10           $15              $20              $35

+Background (simple)            $4
+Background (detailed)         $10
+Additional Character           $3 (LA)/$5 (FL)/$8 (SH) (each) *not available for Concept

Concept Art includes either (1.) 3-angle Turnaround and a Bust, or (2.) 2 to 3 character looks (nude, lingerie, workclothes, etc) and a Bust.

Chibi art falls under the same pricing.

All digital drawn art will be of 16" x 20" at 150 dpi (Bust/Half-Body/Full Body) or 300 dpi (Concept)

Animation commissions will be available at a later time. No Animation Commissions will be taken until further notice.

ToS: Terms of Service (updated as of 12/12/2018)GENERAL
Time for artwork may vary, and is dependent on medium and format. Due to my schedule, your commission may take some time. Please allow at least 45 days for most digital illustrations (line art to full shading), or 90+ days for animations (this is a minimum estimate, as length of animation may also extend work time).
I have the right to decline or refund your commission for any reason and at any time.
If there is a deadline for your commission, please inform me. I will only take such commission as long as I'm given at least a 30-day work period (The only exception is Animations and 8+ page sequential art)
I will allow changes or edits to a commission as long as I'm still in the line art phase. However, If multiple changes or edits are given with a commission with a deadline, I have to right to refuse further changes and edits or decline and refund the piece, whichever I believe will be more appropriate.
You may not edit my art without my full written permission. This incl
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