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Welcome to Nortra Patria

I have been playing Dungeons and Dragons off and on since 1987 when a neighbor introduced me to AD&D 1st Edition.  I have always been draw to the historic nitty-gritty of low magic worlds and every published world I have found seems to emphasize the high fantasy / mega-magic style of play.  WOC’s decision to create the Open Gaming License for the D20 system in 2000 saw an explosion of creativity.  I decided to try my hand at creating my own low fantasy / historically based (sort of) fantasy world for D&D 3.0/3.5.

After a couple years of playing, I realized that the task of creating a semi-historic fantasy world was more than one person could realistically do alone (if they wanted a life and a bit of sanity).  I shelved the project for over a decade while I returned to finish a college education and complete law school.  Now with my academic life behind me, it is time to take an old project off the shelf and make another attempt.  If law school taught me one thing above all else it is that sanity is vastly over rated.  

While sanity may be over rated, experience is a very good – if sometimes harsh – instructor.  So from the beginning I am opening the world I am trying to create to other Game Masters to join me in creating a truly unique world.  For consistency I will provide a basic historical framework and some rough ideas but generally each GM who signs on to this project will take over one specific geographic or cultural area and have wide discretion.  Hopefully with each GM unique strengths and talents to the project, Nostra Patria (our homeland), will become a fantasy world that is real enough to satisfy the most demanding low fantasy gamer and unique enough to stand apart from any other published world.
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Submitted on
April 19, 2017