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Tribute to Universe 10

By DFJonesArt
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Oh, Universe 10. Your fighters had potential but they were destined to lose the moment they were revealed. At least their tea is still the best in the multiverse. 
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I thought Dyrasem's violet eyeliner was due to poison. That team really got hit a lot by the crossfire. The flyers messed up big time.
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DandinFreeLandsHobbyist Traditional Artist
It's pretty funny that Lilibeus wings are on the back of her head.
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Is tribute to Universe 9 coming?

No offence but U10 lost my interesent when Lord Zamas got erased
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Okay, I know I've already commented here a bit, but, wow. Now you really got your work cut out for you. Four universes to profile now.

I'll be looking forward to the end results.
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Well, looks like I was completely wrong. 3 and 4 actually lasted longer than 2 and 6.
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do universe 6
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MrTyeDyeHobbyist Writer
I do like how the fighters you posed opposite each other each have something in common.

Jium and Lilibeu: flyers who were taken out way earlier than they should have been.

Zircor and Murisam: random nobodies who were eliminated in the most unceremonious way possible.

Rubalt and Obuni: the last two fighters to go, and the only two who put up a decent fight before going down (aside from Napapa I guess)

Jirasen and Methiop: eliminated by fighters who weren't even aiming for them.

Geez, when I lay it out like that, Universe 10's performance in the tournament was... kind of pathetic.

(As an aside, the camera by Gowasu was a nice touch. GodTube FTW!)
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I'm almost sure Universe 4 is the next to be erased 
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It's been 2 months since my last comment, and I wonder who's next more than before.

Universe 2 has half of its warriors left. But let's face it, their most charismatic fighter, Ribrianne, is just not the strongest warrior in this tournament, and I mean that as just that. If Goku or Vegeta went Super Saiyan Blue or Frieza powered up to his Golden form and any one of them put their minds to it, I'm sure they could knock her out. The same applies to Rozie. Rabanra, Zarbuto, and Zirloin are quite featless, so I can't say anything about them (personally though, it would be interesting if these guys actually turn out to be U2's strongest warriors, especially Zirloin; just look at him).

Universe 3 is right on the heels of Universe 7 (six warriors vs. seven warriors, respectively), but I doubt any of the remaining warriors are that strong. I think it's safe to say that no one from that universe is a match for Jiren, and for any of them to even match the U7 heavy hitters or Toppo in strength is still a tall order. But maybe they're still hiding something up their sleeves so that they can at least give U7 some trouble, if not through raw power. I hope Paparoni and Catopesra are; I like their designs.

Universe 4, wow. Just three warriors left. Shantsa may have the ability to fly by expelling gas(?) from his orifices, but really, to knock someone like that out you just gotta overwhelm them with something like an energy blast to the point where they can't fly back on to the arena. There are but two reasons why I'm still wary about this universe: 1.) Damom and 2.) Gamisaras; we don't even know just what they've been doing up to this point. But I think someone will pull something out of their butt to stop them.

Universe 6 is in trouble (so much for retaining all their warriors for the longest time). They lost Hit, who was arguably their most formidable warrior. That alone suggests to me that it's only a matter of time before they lose. They also lost Cabba who was still rather powerful, reducing them to just four fighters. While those last four are still quite formidable, they're still not really Goku, Vegeta, Frieza, or Toppo-tier. I used to think they'd be one of the last three universes with U7 and U11 because they had Hit and because there was a whole saga where the main cast gets to know U6. But Hit's gone now and this tournament is unpredictable, so I can't rule out the possibility that they're next.

Not concerned about Universe 7. The Peaceful World Saga is all you need to know that U7 is somehow going to get through this and turn out okay. I'm thinking it's because they'll win the tournament.

Universe 11 will most likely be the last universe to be erased, with Jiren being the elephant in the room and arguably the saga's main antagonist.
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Universe 10, I'll miss so much. They never should've gotten erased. Poor Gowasu. Still, he was a brave kai who accepted what was coming.
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lightyearpigHobbyist Artist
Gowasu just can't catch a break.
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Você vai fazer te todos os universos?
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Ele vai fazer de cada universo conforme eles forem apagados 
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acho que o próximo é o universo 3 
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Not pictured-Zamasu and Goku Black, the first and last casualties of Universe 10
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MasterofLeLHobbyist General Artist
lol Josuke pose
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I've noticed something about the order of erasure:
* Universe 9 are our introduction to the tournament. Their poorly run universe is shown to be the given motive why these erasures are happening. They're the underdogs and initial heel role
* Universe 10 is the second universe that was introduced to us. They are a universe we had some attachment and knowledge prior, who our heroes tried to save from Zamasu prior. 

I believe the next universe to be destroyed will either be a universe that we have come to be attached to in the tournament itself, or the other universe that was focused on prior to the tournament. So I think it will be Universe 2 or 11. Assuming something doesn't happen that stops the tournament, which I suspect is the most likely
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Universe 10 was certainly not as deserving of erasure as Universe 9, and it was definitely more emotional with the picture of Obuni's family and the fact that Gowasu is a character we've gotten to know. But really it was their own fault for selecting their team members based solely on pure strength and muscle mass, without any thought towards strategy or how well the team members would be able to work together (well really it was Rumsshi's fault). They had two flyers on their team which could have been a huge advantage but they didn't come up with any plans for how the flyers could support their teammates, and consequently the flyers ended up being among the first to be knocked out. Each of the Universe 10 fighters just went off and did their own thing, so they had no one to back them up when they found themselves up against opponents whose power and skill exceeded their own. The only team up we saw was when Napapa and Methiop were beating on Kale. Obuni was the only one who combined raw strength with genuine skill, which is why he was the last standing.
Nevertheless, Universe 10 will be missed (at least for now). Which Universe will be next?
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There it is! I absolutely adore how you included Gowasu's camera. :D (Big Grin)   

I remember a couple people saying they wouldn't feel anything for Universe 10's erasure. Wonder how they feel now after the thing with Obuni.

I have a feeling either Universes 3 or 4 are next. For some reason I think U2 is a less likely bet (my flesh* is telling me their fighters are overall stronger, but I could definitely be wrong), but I suppose I can't rule out the possibility of it being next. Since we've spent an extensive amount of time with U6-U7's twin universe-and because it's clear the heavy hitting Pride Troopers of U11 (particularly Jiren and to a lesser extent Toppo) are going to be Goku's greatest challenge, I think U6, U7, and U11 will be the last three remaining universes in the tournament. Though, as it stands right now, U11 better go on some eliminating spree if they want to increase their chances of winning.

*Get it? Wink/Razz 
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Well, unfortunately, recent events have indicated it's either Universe 6 or Universe 2 that's getting erased in Episode 119.
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So it seems...

In my more recent comment here, I noted how U6's trimmed numbers could spell trouble (although, after seeing Kafla, I admit now that I underestimated Universe 6's remaining fighters). I also acknowledged that Universe 2 has only half of its fighters left and none of them seem to be of the highest tier in the tournament.

In any case, I really can't wait.
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Nicely done! Keep up the great work. I wonder who's next. :P
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I'm gonna miss Universe 10, especially Gowasu and his Godtube. :(
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(Don't ask me how) But, at least on Yotuube. Gowasu's still posting.
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