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I Want To Be Dr Cox

Dr Cox, Scrubs are a product of NBC

Quotes taken from [link]

Page 1 Text is:
You know, Bob, I've
been thinking about
all the times that
you've manipulated
me and toyed with me,
and, well, I can't help
but recall that children's
fable about the race
between the tortoise and
the pain-in-the-ass chief
of medicine that everybody
hates. You see, Bob, the
pain-in-the-ass chief of
medicine that everybody
hates kept running out
in front of the tortoise and
taunting him; but right at
the end -- gosh, I'm sure you
remember what happened,
Bob -- the tortoise bit
clean-through the chief of
medicine's calf muscle,
dragged him to the ground,
where he and all the other
turtles devoured him alive,
right there on the racetrack.
It's a...disturbing children's
book, Bob, I know, but it's
one that stuck with me, nonetheles”

Page 2 Text Is:
“I swear to God, Carla, if one
more annoying thing comes
my way, please just go ahead
and extract some of that extra
air out of Barbie's head and
inject it right into my veins!”
“In case you were wondering,
it says, "If you can read this,
you're standing too close.”
“Newbie, how'd you drop the
ball on this one? And don't
tell me you cried, or I'm gonna
have you banned from the
men's room again.”
“All right, fair enough, here's
your chance -- two identical
patients. I say we divide
'emup, just like in 'The
Parent Trap'. One goes with
the sexy, free-wheeling,
bachelor dad -- hello; the
other goes with the whiny,
neurotic, sexually-repressed
mom -- oh, just you all over.”
“Yeah sure, congratulations.
Now go.”
-- You gettin' this? --
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I wanna be dr.c ox when i grow up! Damn i'm like him now.