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Felix Re-Entry Suit

In low earth orbit, an astronaut abandons his doomed craft and returns to earth.

Watching the Felix Baumgartner jump was one of the highlights of the year for me. I was really blown away, and this is my homage to that moment: a theoretical look at what advances his jump could bring for space exploration and astronaut survivability. In this case it's a specialized hardened suit that can allow for re-entry from low earth orbit. Not a jump you want to make, but when you have to you'll want to be wearing this suit.
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This is an interesting concept. I agree with the do not want to, but when necessary... thing. But I have a question: how would the landing go? I mean, there are no leg joints so parachute landing on foots is out and arm movement also look its automatic flight control and landing on front?
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could potentially eject the front of it after you make it through reentry.  would allow you the flexibility to land comfortable, maybe.
Interesting idea, but I would rather use something like the Curiosity like landing systems with braking rockets (problems with negative Gs would have to be solved somehow) or maybe airbag systems like moon probes?
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awesome, thanks for sharing
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Excellent concept; I've often wondered of the practicality of something like this and what it would take to make it work. I hope NASA seriously considers something like this one day!
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I read a 60yro man jumped after Felix did from even higher. I never heard anything on the media. This guy broke Felix's record and no one knew. I think he did it with his own resources, so if you want to give it a try, you should start your research and training ;)
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Really cool idea, but I'm afraid he will be coming in too fast for that suit's design (it doesn't seem to cover enough of  his body, based purely on intuition, haha)!
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I thought the heat shields were black... Hmm...
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This is really brilliant!! Awesome concept :)
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Every space craft in the future should have this equivalent of the inflatable life preserver!
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There's a significant difference to Felix's jump though - his orbital speed was ZERO, while anybody in a spaceship would be zipping along rather fast. Unless you can kill a lot of that first, I'm not sure you'd actually make it back in to the atmosphere at all...

just use the EVA thrusters to de-orbit. the space shuttle only slows down 1% to re enter the earths atmosphere. you would still be moving extremely fast and heating in the atmosphere, but thats what the suit is for.

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you could probably launch the shuttle directly upwards with minor shifts to eliminate orbital speed. the reason they more laterally is so tye dont fall back down, if you go straight up felix jumps and then the ship blasts away he should be fine
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The suit would make it. :D
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